2019 Footy Tipping

Of course, this means the FHFC Tipping Comp is complete, and we have had some absolute scenes! As a brief recap; the ABC-OCD-Wetdream controlled the comp throughout most of the year before a nasty skiing incident saw Andy sleep his way down the order and Casey Davies to become as relevant as a CD player in 2019.

This opened the gate for Big D. A. Z. to storm to the front with 1 round to go.

The top dog then scored a large 8 in the final round but that wasn’t enough, because from 25th position, (yes 25th!) Marcus Tipippakis used his joker to climb all the way up to first by a single tip. Marcus was correct in cleverly putting the word ‘tip’ into his usual street name of Marcus Filippakis because the record shows that the man can in fact tip. From birth, Marcus Filippakis has tried to emulate his hero Mark Philippoussis’ achievements. But Marcus has gone one better than the tennis legend he was almost named after and won a Grand Slam: The 2019 FHFC Tipping Comp.
The only consistency throughout this mess was Beens holding onto a podium finish. He expertly managed to stay second or third while three others took the lead and even more imploded around him. As a memento of this amazing effort to never take the helm, I have made a pretty easy to understand and not very relevant meme which depicts his ability to ride along in the second position.

The results of the 2019 FHFC Tipping Competition are:

$500 for 1st: Marcus Tipippakis – 143
$200 for 2nd: Vanny – 142
$100 for 3rd: Beens – 140
$50 for the Class Clown: Ian Jeffo Jeffries
$50 for the Sharpshooter: Neil Mac McAvaney

In a rare moment of foresight in Round 20, Jeffo used his joker perfectly to accrue 18 correct tips and guessed the margin to the exact point to earn himself the Class Clown. While Neil proved that tipping the correct tips isn’t really his style but loves getting the margin-right to earn himself the Sharpshooter for the lowest total margin.

Congratulations to all winners and I’ll see again you next year!