Coaches Wrap – Round 6/4

U13 Boys
FH 14.6.90 Def CB 1.1.7
Sponsored by Harcourts Tagni
Goal Kickers: Y. Antwi 8, T. Lush 2, A. Lamshed, A. Jeffries, L. Elliott, I. Quigley
Best Players: T. Lush, Y. Antwi, L. Tasker, L. Elliott, A. Lamshed, R. Jones
A really pleasing win against Christies last weekend 14 goals to 1. The boys have been building toward this for a few weeks now. Not only building their skills and game plans but building their confidence in themselves and each other. Again, for the second week in a row, we had boys playing their best games for us or maintaining the standards they had set previously. Yaw played the whole game at full forward and rewarded himself and the team with 7 goals. His physical presence couldn’t be matched by their defence and I think we may see a few more big bags from him. This week will really show us where we are at against the league leading Reynella. If the team brings the effort and confidence from the last few weeks we will give them a run for their money. See you at the footy Hazz.

Michael Haslam – Under 13’s Coach 

U15 Boys 
FH 6.12.48 Def CB 7.5.47
Sponsored by City Rural Insurance
Goal Kickers: L. Sorella 4, L. Hollands, C. Hibbert
Best Players: S. Burbridge, B. Sisson, B. Jeffries, Z. Mayr, R. Mayr, L. Sorella
We travelled to Bice oval to take on Christies beach knowing it was going to be a challenge.
The boys embraced the day and were up to it right from the first bounce.
The game played out as we expected with it being hard in tight and Christies using their runners on the big oval.
We were level through the game till we made a break in the the third qtr and kicked a three goal lead.Christies came home with the wind in the last qtr and they kicked three goals and we’re all tied up.  The boys fought hard and kicked a point under pressure with Flaggy holding out for a 1 point win.
I was confident all day and don’t know what everyone was worried about.
It was another step in the right direction and increasing the belief within the team.
Next challenge is at home against Reynella.
Well done.
Steve Hibbert – Under 15’s Coach
U17.5 Boys
FH 12.7.79 Def CB 5.7.37
Sponsored by Macnab Finance 
Goal Kickers: A. Grayson 2, C. Clifton 2, J. Williams 2, B. Aldridge 2, S. Baltagie, W. Nash, H. Green, J. Richman
Best Players: J. Costello, J. Morehouse, J. Faizal, J. Brennan, J. Comley, J. Richman
Christies at Christies is always a good challenge and 2 v 3 also added a bit of interest in the game and it was our first proper test for the season.  We play the big ovals well are fit so that was always going to be a bonus.
Christies kicked with a 3 goal wind in the first quarter and we kept them to 1.2. to 0.1.  The second quarter opened up and we outran the and our forward line had a feast, kicking 7.3 to 0.1 in the second quarter with some good footy being played.
The eventual score was Flaggy 12.7 to Christies 5.7.  We had seven different goalkickers and an even contribution during the day.
This week we play Reynella at home, 1 v 2 with another good hit out that will show where we are at.

Marty Clifton – Under 17’s Coach

B Grade
FH 13.8.86 Def Cb 4.8.32
Sponsored by Flagstaff Hotel
Goal Kickers: R. McNamara 7, T. Meinecke, M. Caire, T. Warren, M. Hunter, T. Smith, B. Knuckey
Best Players: C. Buersch, M. Caire, B. Pearse, A. Buersch
Heading down to Bice Oval on the weekend, gave us a chance to enjoy playing our style of footy on a big deck.
We relished the opportunity to do so and used our leg speed to great effect offensively and defensively, during the game.
Ethan Wildman and Daniel Nash dominated their direct opponents with some brilliant run and carry on the Wings.
Alex Buersch and Blue Pearse regularly picked off forward line entries by Christies and rebounded magnificently, throughout the day.
Ritchie McNamara kicked another big bag of goals (7 goals) which went a long way to us winning the game. This now sees him  leading the goal kicking in the B Grade Competition.
Chris Buersch carried the bulk of the Ruck work duties on the day and continues his sublime form this year.
Matty Caire consistently put his body on the line (as he does each week) to help put immense pressure on our opponents.
As a unit, we are working hard on the track  and are thoroughly enjoying the fruits of our labour.
In a top of the table challenge, we turn our focus to taking on Reynella this weekend.

Aaron Caesarikow and Raeph Caesarowicz – B-Grade Coaches

A Grade
FH 17.13.115 Def CB 4.6.30
Sponsored by Tech-Dry SA
Goal Kickers: D. Webb 5, M. Johnson 3, S. Smith 3, D. Butcher 3, A. Fisher, B. Patterson, N. Beenham
Best Players: D. Kearsley, S. Tharaldsen, M. Johnson, S. Smith, D. Webb, B. Patterson

A Grade Women
FH 7.5.47 Def Cove 2.3.15
Sponsored by Chicken Hub

Goal Kickers: E. Brockhurst 5, K. Rodman, V. Renfrey
Best Players: Z. Walker-Roberts, C. Meyers, T. Revink, E. Brockhurst, A. Baker, E. Bartlett
On Sunday the ‘A’ Grade Women played Cove at home and finished with a very good win.
Not all games are fought and won on the victors terms!! Cove were very desperate early in the game and used very physical and aggressive tactics to try to intimidate us!! This may have thrown us off a bit in the first half, but to our players credit, we did not concede ground and lead by 7 pts, in a low scoring game.
The second half was just a hard grinding slog. Our players stayed disciplined and worked hard to get back on track with our structures. We eventually wore them down and were able to kick 2 goals against the wind in the last Qtr and keep them to only 1 pt. in the second half of the game. Final scores were FHFC. 7 5 47 d Cove 2 3 15.
Our new Players in Zoe Walker-Roberts, Taylah Revink and Elissa Bartlett, to name a few, are settling into the team very well and playing very good football. Another 5 goals to Emily Brockhurst was great and a tough workrate again from Chloe Meyers set up the play in the mid-field.
The Women will continue to stay focused for wins over the next few weeks before a bye.
Dean Renfrey

C Grade
FH 6.6.42 Def by MV 10.6.66
Sponsored by Charlesworth Nuts
Goal Kickers: M. Eyre 3, A. Baltagie, A. Peterson, J. Williams
Best Players: D. Crisa, B. Jenke, C. Ames, A. Baltagie, M. Wright, A. Baltagie
C Grade, we had our first loss for the season on Sunday. M/Vale got up by 4 goals. 10.6 to 6.6.
Another physical encounter, might be a few bruises. They had a couple of goals on the board before we woke up and we couldn’t peg it back.
On the positive side with our 7 changes we had 4 young men playing their first senior game for the club. Awesome stuff, all had great games.
From our U17s Cooper Ames and Jacko Williams. New to the club Cooper Greening and Matt Eyre. Welcome and congratulations.
Port Noarlunga down there this Sunday, time to get back on the winners list.


U17 Girls
FH 11.19.85 Def Cove 0.1.1
Sponsored by Chicken Hub
Goal Kickers:
M. Anderson 4, I. Crowther 2, B. Kleinig 2, C. Williams, C. Smailes, B. Watson
Best Players: B. Kleinig, M. Anderson, E. Scanlan, C. Smailes, A. Butler, E. Hodgson
Round 4 saw us face Cove/Reynella for a third time this season! This time back at home and in front of a good crowd we controlled the game from start to finish. The team wasn’t at their absolute best however we were able to win contests and move the ball inside 50 consistently. Off the back of that we generated 30 scoring shots for the day kicking 11.19 85 to 0.1 1. There is no surprises as to what our focus will be this week at training! Our midfield lead by Brooke Kleinig (2 goals), Mel Anderson (4 goals) and Ebony Scanlan were outstanding all game winning the ball around the stoppages and driving the ball deep inside 50 as well as combining for 6 of our 11 goals. We now face Pt Noarlunga at home next week, which as a squad we are really looking forward to the new challenge!
Luke Beenham
U16 Boys 
FH 13.15.93 Def Ath 2.3.15
Sponsored by Followme4wd
Goal Kickers: M. Pearce 5, C. Nuske 3, L. Sorella 2, H. Slattery, R. Stone, H. Mahfoud
Best Players: J. Chaplin, M. Pearce, E. Johnson, R. Stone, J. Bishop, C. Trott
With Bunga leaving myself & Johnno in charge for a well earned weekend away, it was inevitable that with a couple of hours until the bounce, through sickness & soreness, we would be down to 16! But the call went out & the troops rallied, getting the 22 secured just in time to get to Athelstone. Big thanks to the parents that dropped their Sunday arvo plans!
The next challenge was arriving & finding Athelstone’s temporary oval made Flaggy Hill look like the MCG! The boys adapted well though & after a congested & contested first half, we struggled to an inaccurate, but handy half time lead. When Athelstone upped their intensity & aggression in the 3rd, the Falcons relished the opportunity to take it up 2 notches & with that, our outside run & ball movement improved dramatically. That, combined with an open forward line on the small ground, allowed us to break it open & come away with a convincing win.
The Chaplin bros, Jack & Mitch, both had their best games for the club since joining us this year & Jack brought his Saturday game with a best on performance. Matt Pearce continued his good form looking lively & kicking 5 goals.
Next week…… Bunga is back!
Cheers, Smithy.
U14 girls 
FH 1.4.10 Def By Ald 2.5.17
Sponsored by Subway O’Halloran Hill
Goal Kickers: A. Sorella
Best Players: E. Comley, S. Aldridge, K. Smith, Z. Hodgson, E. Jeffries, M. Jacobs

U14 Girls hosted an undefeated Aldinga on Sunday.  It was a strongly fought, low scoring game in which Aldinga ended up winning 2.5-17 to Flaggy 1.3-10. A couple of missed opportunities right at the end could have closed the gap but weren’t to be.
The Aldinga coached praised the performance of our girls saying we were their fiercest opponents so far in the season.
Abby Sorella kicked our one and only which also happens to be her first ever including games played in the subbies. Best on ground votes.went to Emma Comley who put her own game aside to tag Aldingas best player,  Sienna Aldridge just keeps performing wherever she plays, and Kyah Smith who rucked the 2nd half and put us on the front foot.
We definitely looked the more dangerous side as the game went on and week after week we are learning more. The endeavour hasn’t changed and when we click we will see a few of the higher placed teams crumble.
Congrats to Zoe whose selfless team acts are not going unnoticed,  and Emma J and Maddie on their games. They had their best games for the season and have set new personal bench marks.

Dave Hodgson 

 Round 6/4 Milestones

David Kearsley – 350th Club Game
Sarina Barsby – 50th Senior Game
Kobe Cavouras – 50th Senior Game
Ali Baltagie – 100th Club Game

David Kearsley
 became just the third player in the Clubs history to reach 350 Club Games – joining FHFC legends Wade Stone & Leigh O’Malley in the 350 Club!

Sarina Barsby
 history as she became the first female to reach 50 Senior Games. She is a Premiership Player and was part of the inaugural Open Women’s Team in 2017.

Round 6/4 FHFC Debuts

Congratulations to Jackson Williams and Cooper Ames who both made their Senior Debuts last weekend and welcome to Cooper Greening, Matt Eyre, Walker Minnie and Jack Mannion who all played their first game for the Falcons last weekend!