Under 13 – Sponsored by Betta Quality Curtains and Blinds

Flagstaff Hill 12 3 75 defeated Christies 4 4 28

Best Players: Liam Cooper, Callum Athey, Conner Cutting, Fletcher Langeluddecke,
Declan Stone, William Bowers.

Goal Kickers: Callum Athey 5, Cameron Green 2, Charlie Roberts 2, Jack Lemmey 1, Jake Slattery 1, Connor Cutting 1.

It’s always tough in junior footy to make the trip down to Bice Oval and come away
with the win and it was good to see the boys do this comfortably last Saturday
morning. A fast start got us out to a 4.1 to 1.0 lead at quarter and I felt like the boys
were beginning to play some of their better footy for the year. The ball was flowing
nicely from half back and our transition from the forward flanks to the “hotspot” was
looking good. The second quarter was a bit of a slog as the Saints tried to make their
move however the boys were able to steady in the second half with 7 goals to 2 that
displayed what a good football side they are becoming. Across the ground we had
plenty of contributors throughout the day. Liam C dominated in the ruck and around
the ground, it is handy to have such a good runner in this position. Callum A led and
presented well all day, his 5 goals being a fair reward for how hard he works further
up the ground. Conner C was particularly damaging in the first half as a mobile on
baller, another young footballer whose versatility is a real strength for him. Fletcher L
was tenacious at the ball and loves the contest, his tackling skills were noticed by the
coaches in the higher grades! Declan S plays consistently well across half back
where he can repel the oppositions forward forays and he sets us up to attack well
through the corridor as well. A special mention to Will B who had his first mention in
the best players. Will has improved out of sight over the past 5 weeks or so where
his attack on the ball coming out of defence has been great and he does not like to
let his forward beat him.

Next week we have a huge game against Happy Valley, they haven’t lost since we
last beat them so it will be all systems go for a huge game at 8:15am!!


Mark Lemmey – U13 Coach

Under 15’s – Sponsored by Harcourts Tagni

Flagstaff Hill 5 5 35 defeated by Christies 8 3 51

Best Players: Lachlan McTaggart, Riley Grayson, Eutien Boey, Cohen Carlier, Aidan
Collyer, Tyce Lush.

Goal Kickers: Tyce Lush 2, Isaac Quigley 1, Lachlan McTaggart 1.

Michael Haslam – Under 15’s Coach

Under 17.5’s – Sponsored by Rainmaker Properties

Flagstaff Hill 11 6 72 defeated Christies 4 5 29

Best Players: Ben Jeffries, Jackson Costello, Brodie Sisson, Callan Coats, James
Keating, Lachlan Ellis.

Goal Kickers: Hugh Nash 3, Jack Chaplin 3, Cameron Brown 2, Jackson Costello 2,
Ben Jeffries 1.

After having yet another week away from footy, we headed down south to face a
solid opponent in Christies Beach.

After knocking us over in rd 3 with a running brand od footy, we took it as an
opportunity to beat them at their own game on their big oval. We had it against
however, with the saints not being beaten in the u17.5s at home since 2021!
So with Coby Hibbert playing his 50 th club game, SANFL players Aiden Carney and
Ethan Johnson ruled out with injury and nothing else to lose, the boys went to work.
With Riley Stone winning the toss and kicking with a very slight breeze and Callan
Coats winning the first ruck tap and able to get the first clearance, the boys were

The first quarter had plenty of skill from the Flaggy lads bust most impressively was
the workrate and physical pressure they displayed. While scoring wasn’t easy for us, keeping Christies scoreless for the whole opening quarter was a sign of our intent.

The 2 nd quarter however, was another level again. Going into the breeze was about
adapting our style and the boys adjusted perfectly. In what was one of the best
quarters of footy (if not the best) the boys had played all season. Banging on 5 goals
straight and keeping christies to a solitary point was beyond anyone’s expectations.
Halftime was a buzz with the group obviously up and about but most impressively
was the determined look the boys had in their eyes that this was a job far from done.
Christies came out hard in the 3 rd and had a new plan. Jacko Costello was manned
up and they had a defensive mindset. This played into our hands and the Saints
failed to make any inroads and the boys pushed through to the end coming away
with a 7 goal win against last years premiers.

With our motto of ‘Take it to the Beach’, the boys loved their time in the sun.
The win keeps us in the Finals race and with another good challenge against our
rivals in Happy Valley this week, it keeps things very interesting. Special mention to
Benny Jeffries who was outstanding with his physical pressure and relentless desire
to get to a contest.

Jacko Costello was brilliant through the middle with Brodie Sisson giving it his all, all
day. This however was a full 22 man effort and not one was a passenger.

See you at the footy

Craig Bunworth – Under 17.5’s Coach

 B Grade – Sponsored by Flagstaff Hotel

Flagstaff Hill 16 13 109 defeated Christies 0 4 4

Best Players: Saleh Baltagie, Adam Kleinig, Blaise Tomkins, Bradley Draper, Jake
Bunworth, Toby Russell.

Goal Kickers: Jake Bunworth 8, Mason Carney 4, Blaise Tomkins 1, James Hackett
1, Leigh O’Malley 1, Adam Kleinig 1.

We looked forward to getting onto one of the SFL’s better ovals!  Weather was going
to play a factor however as many at the ground would attest, it’s a rare visit to Saints
Park when there is no wind to speak off.  Match day preparation was interrupted with
a calf injury to Speaky during the warm up, a valuable lesson was realised with our
emergency James HACKETT being in attendance and with his gear.  He had 7
minutes to prepare to play and away he went.
By the time the siren went, a zephyr of breeze had blown up at the southern end and
we kicked into it without much trouble.  The first ruck tap, first clearance and first
mark to Mason Carney which resulted in a shot on goal showed we were on, whilst it
was a behind the team was ready to go.  Christies had loaded up with several of
their U17.5 players so they bought some more speed and winning experience, into
their squad, having beat Noarlunga the previous week.   We dominated the first
quarter and with Adam “everywhere” Kleinig who crumbed a spilled mark and sent
his shot for goal – straight into the forehead of the goal umpire knocking him over –
we were underway.  OMAZ waved the goal to give the ump a little more recovery
We held the Saints to 3 behinds in the first half, we scored 8.9 57 with our focus on
defending, switching to man on man with dedication to shutting down their ball
movement a highlight of our first half.  Into the third and we were hit by a much more
committed and disciplined Christies Beach.  There was increased precipitation which
made the contest a bit more congested.   Christies were harder at the contest,
provided a lot more physicality and shared the ball a bit better.  Whilst we only
scored 3 points into the breeze for the quarter we held firm giving up a solitary point. 
What we did really well was frontal pressure, tackling pressure shutting down their
time and space to deliver the footy and we feasted on turnover.
I asked for a big last quarter, acknowledging the efforts of Christies, I suspected that
they would have spent their petrol tickets, after kicking 3 points in the third quarter
we kicked 8 goals 1 point in the last to win the game in a convincing manner.  Saleh
Baltagie continued his great form, he is going from strength to strength and playing
team footy which is enhancing his game no end.  Adam Kleinig had an outstanding
game, his attack on footy, ability to run and arrive at contests, support and create is
really exciting the coaching group and his team mates.  Our two key forwards
provided 12 goals, Mason Carney relishing the open spaces, presenting really well,
marking and kicking truly was great reward for him.  Jake Bunworth showed that 10
one week and 8 the next will ensure he doesn’t see the back pocket any time soon.
Looking forward to the Vikings this week.

Graham Tomkins – B-Grade Coach

A Grade – Sponsored by TechDry

Flagstaff Hill 18 24 132 defeated Christies 4 4 28

Best Players: Josh Rosman, Sam Jacobs, Benjamin Burbridge, Nicholas Bailey,
Cameron Blake, Bradley Patterson.

Goal Kickers: Sam Jacobs 5, Blake Aldridge 2, Brad Patterson 2, Ryan Mountford 2,
Aiden Grayson 2, Josh Rosman 1, Nick Bailey 1, Nathan Beenham 1, David
Kearsley 1, Cameron Blake 1.

Round 12 we took off to play Christies Beach on their home deck in what turned out
to be tricky weather conditions with strong wind and some rain about. We started the
day with celebrating Brendan Hillier making his A grade debut. After an injury
plagued back end of the preseason and missing majority of the first half of the
season, ‘Bruno’ has worked hard to get himself back up to the level to just jog
comfortably, all the way back up to playing A grade footy which is a great reward for
the work he’s put in.   
The game started with us kicking into a strong breeze in the first quarter, given the
strength of the breeze to hold Christies to 1 point for the quarter and us scoring 2
goals into it was a great start. We controlled the quarter with possession and winning
inside 50’s by over 15 albeit we didn’t control the pace of the game well by playing
fast footy for the most part which played in Christies hands as they had spare
players lining up behind the ball. The second quarter we continued the ascendency
of controlling the game, hitting the scoreboard but kicking inaccurately with 7.7 for
the quarter and multiple kicks out of bounds or not making the distance. At half time
we held a 56 point lead, scores were 9.10- 64 to 1.2-8.
The third quarter again we controlled the ball kicking into the breeze, at times we
tried too hard to search for the perfect play in tough conditions which cost us field
position and also some scores to Christies, but once we were able to gain control of
the game and gain multiple inside 50s, however we were again unable to hit the
scoreboard effectively by kicking 1.6 for the quarter again with multiple shots out
goal going out on the full due to the a strong cross breeze. At 3 quarter time you
could feel the mood of the group was a bit flat with the hard work we were putting in
all over the ground going unrewarded due to tough conditions, Sam Tharaldsen
grabbed the boys for a chat to lift the spirits and it felt like a great response the last
quarter was our best quarter by far. Our pressure was back at a higher level and we
were hitting the scoreboard by the process of getting high % shots on goal. In the
end we ran away to a 104 point win, which on the day didn’t feel that way but is a
great result any time you have a win of that nature, final score was Flagstaff Hill
18.24 – 132 to Christies Beach 4.4-28. Prior to the game we had set out 2 key areas
the team wanted to focus on to help win us the game, we achieved both team goals
but in particular our team defence was a standout for the day.
Josh Rosman played his best game for the club and was our best player, his speed
out of stoppages along with clean skills in tough conditions were a standout, Sam
Jacobs was great again with his ruck work especially his connection with Josh
Rosman, he then also hit the scoreboard going forward but his most impressive work

from a coach perspective was his willingness to work and block for teammates to get
them out when forward was pleasing to see. Ben Burbridge was rock solid all day
with Nick Bailey, Cameron Blake and Brad Patterson rounding out our best players.
Sam Jacobs kicked 5 goals with Grayson, Mountford, Aldridge and Patterson kicking
2 each.
We move on now to Happy Valley away this week, they played well against us last
time and have won 3 games in a row so they will come in full of confidence. See you

Zane Kirkwood – A-Grade Coach

Under 14 Girls – Sponsored by Bliss & Rose

Flagstaff Hill 3 3 21 defeated Christies 0 1 1

Best Players: Angela Rose, Keris Richardson, Kayla Jamison, Jazmyn Dawe, Emma
Jeffries, Tayha Shillingsworth.

Goal Kickers: Keris Richardson 1, Angela Rose 1, Kayla Jamison 1.

Dave Hodgson – Under 14 Girls Coach

Under 17 Girls – Sponsored by Style FX Hair, Nails & Beauty

Flagstaff Hill 1 0 6 defeated by Christies 15 15 105

Best Players: Summer Goddard, Kaitlyn Aldridge, Kyah Smith, Alyssa Marlow,
Gabriella Baker, Claire Bryant.

Goal Kickers: Kyah Smith 1.

 Mark Baker – Under 17 Girls Coach

A Grade Women – Sponsored by KX Pilates

Flagstaff Hill 0 2 2 defeated by Christies 6 4 40

Best Players: Chloe Meyers, Sienna Chapman, Nicole O’Connor, Ebony Scanlan,
Emily Brockhurst, Elise Winton.

Michael Hegarty – A Grade Women’s Coach

C Grade – Sponsored by Charlesworth Nuts

Flagstaff Hill 4 3 27 defeated by Reynella 13 11 89

Best Players: Ben Hawkins, Todd Alexander, Kane Abbott, Ali Baltagie, Cameron

Goal Kickers: Matthew Hunter 1, Paul Ats 1, Alaa el-din Baltagie 1, Chris Jordan 1.

Wade Stone – C-Grade Coach


Cam O’Malley – 150th Senior Game
Coby Hibbert – 50th Junior Game
Kaitlyn Aldridge – 50th Junior Game
Kane Abbott – 50th C-Grade Game

FHFC Debuts

Congratulations to Brendan Hillier who made his A Grade Debut ❤️💙

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