Under 13 – Sponsored by Betta Quality Curtains and Blinds

Flagstaff Hill 12 17 89 defeated Christies 2 1 13

Best Players: Liam Cooper, Callum Athey, Conner Cutting, Jake Slattery, Liam Beckley, Kojo Antwi

Goal Kickers: Jake Slattery 3, Macklin Brook 2, Charlie Roberts 2, Jack Lemmey 2, Fletcher Langelddecke 1, Callum Athey 1, Connor Cutting 1.

The boys were up and about for a big game against an opposition ready for a tough
hit out. It was important for the lads to follow up their strong effort against Cove the
week before so putting in from the start of the game was a real focus for us.
The game really did go to plan from the very start. In wet and slippery conditions we
were actually unlucky to only be up by 40 points at half time with a 5.11 to 0.0 score line at halftime. 

In the 3rd quarter we eased off the pressure a little bit and started to watch our
mates rather than get stuck in and help them out and the Saints were able to get a
couple of goals to our 1.3.

The coach asked for a big effort in the last quarter with an aim of 5 goals. Pleasingly,
we were able to kick 6, with the boys using the ball much better, looking for each
other and supporting their team mates really well. 

Best players for the game was wide open with a number of contributors who played
well over 4 quarters. Liam Cooper was outstanding in the ruck for 3 quarters using
his mobility to play like a midfielder when the ball hit the ground. He was a dominant
figure for the whole game in the air as well. Callum Athey played a great captain’s
game, aiming to help his team mates play better as well as finishing off with some
goals when it was his turn to have a shot on goal. Conner Cutting and Jake Slattery
continued to develop their chemistry in the midfield and made sure we won the
majority of the clearances. Liam Beckley was able to play a really good game, he
was really versatile and wherever the coaches moved him he was able to become a
winner in his position and Kojo Antwi had his usual reliable game in defence, he got his hands on the ball often and used his clearing kick to great effect.

Onwards and upwards for the local derby vs the Vikings.

Mark Lemmey – U13 Coach


Under 15’s – Sponsored by Harcourts Tagni

Flagstaff Hill 2 5 17 defeated by Christies 5 7 37

Best Players: Aiden Jeffries, Lachlan McTaggart, Cohen Carlier, Eutien Boey, Walker Minnie, Isaac Quigley.

Goal Kickers: Aiden Jeffries 2.

Michael Haslam – Under 15’s Coach

Under 17.5’s – Sponsored by Rainmaker Properties

Flagstaff Hill 7 5 47 defeated by Christies 13 11 89

Best Players: Kieran Smith, Brodie Sisson, Jackson Costello, Cameron Brown, Dylan Smith, Jay Scanlan.

Goal Kickers: Cameron Brown 2, Coby Hibbert 1, Riley Stone 1, Jackson Costello 1, Hugh Nash 1, Aidan Carney 1.

Rd 3 saw us back on home soil in a replay of last years U17.5 Grand Final.
This was going to be a good test for us as Christie’s had still plenty of talent in their
squad and with some dampness around, only tough, constant pressure was going to
be good enough.

Being rested from SANFL West Adelaide U16s duties this week, we welcomed in
Jay Scanlan for his first run with Flaggy this season as well as Joe Keating also in for
the first time.

Congratulations to Ethan Johnson on making his A Grade debut for the club and I
can see many more down the track.

The game was slick from the outset. While we dominated the ruck work early, we
struggled to have any real control of the game. Christies were well connected and
had runners all over the ground. We looked a little sluggish in comparison and
needed to find something.

The boys reset at qtr time and made some positive inroads in the 2 nd .
Christies run and linkup was too good though and ran away with a 6 goal win.
A lot to learn from the game but this group is great at building on their performance.
I look forward to what we can do next week against our closest rival in Happy Valley.

See you at the footy

Craig Bunworth – Under 17.5’s Coach

B Grade – Sponsored by Flagstaff Hotel

Flagstaff Hill 23 13 151 defeated Christies 4 2 26

Best:  Nash Mitchell, Blaise Tomkins, Cameron Nuske, Darcy Kelsey, Cameron
O’Malley, Taaid Fallah

Goals: Cameron Nuske 6, Matthew Hunter 6, Bailey Richman 3, Mason Carney 2, Nash Mitchell 2, James Brennan 1, Matt Caire 1, Leigh O’Malley 1, Andrew Allen 1.

We had a great start to the day with Mark, Luke and Steve from the U13 coaching
staff bringing their U13’s into the rooms and spending the Pre-match and After-
match with us in the rooms.  The boys loved the experience and got to sing the song
with the boys after a comprehensive win.  We all hope this goes a little way to
building stronger relationships across the grades and encourages the boys to stick
with the falcons and play senior footy with us.

With the weather clearing the B grade game commenced in really good conditions. 
Playing against an opposition with some good senior players still running around in
the two’s, we were expecting a spirited game.  Our start was exciting,  Taaid to Matt
Caire, who handballed to BT who kicked from the square to a leading full forward,
Matt Hunter who kicked truly for our first goal of the game – it was so quick the video
operator never captured it during setting up the camera!   It was a great start, which
continued for the rest of the quarter to secure 6.4 to one point.  We had around 20
inside 50’s for 10 shots which was a fair return.  Whilst Christies came at us in the
second with more passion and vigour – we managed to finish the half at 9.6 60  to
3.1 19.   A lot of run from behind, support and selflessness ensured we had a lot of
shots from good positions on the ground.

The second half built upon our pregame focus of being committed to our structures
and contested footy, Cam Nuske was having a day out, he played his role up forward
really well dropping into space, marking strongly and kicking accurately.  We had
Nash Mitchell running really hard on the ball and wing,  Blaise and Matt Caire
winning the middle of the ground, forwards who were in front and pushing up at the
ball carrier.  Our defensive structure is starting to come together and making it very
hard for opposition teams to get through us.  Voice and direction from behind our
zone made a big difference.  The most pleasing aspect of our performance wasn’t
that we kicked another 14 goals in the second half but the way in which we kicked
them.   Christies had a reasonable team on the park but our fitness, our desire to run
and work for each other was far more compelling than the oppositions.

This week we take on our cross town rivals, positions on the ladder make no
difference to this encounter and we will need to prepare well on the track to be ready
for the VIKINGS!

Graham Tomkins – B-Grade Coach

A Grade – Sponsored by TechDry

Flagstaff Hill 29 20 194 defeated Christies 2 5 17

Best Players: Reece Milsom, Bradley Patterson, Joshua Rosman, Cameron Blake, Mackenzie Short, Samuel Smith.

Goal Kickers: Sam Jacobs 6, Sam Smith 5, Josh Rosman 3, Brad Patterson 3, Aiden Grayson 3, Cameron Blake 2, Nick Bailey 1, Macca Short 1, Ethan Johnson 1, Adam Bunworth 1, Michael Shearer 1, Reece Milsom 1, Ryan Mountford 1.

Round 3 saw us celebrate two milestones for the game, congratulations to Mick
Shearer who celebrated his 150 th  senior game and Ethan Johnson who made his A
grade debut. Both had very good games and positively impacted the game at various

With the milestones the boys were keen to make sure it was a game to remember for
them as well as the challenge of playing four quarters of footy, again with the
weather on our side we took advantage of this and used our ball skills to get off to a
good start. The midfield pressure was on from the first bounce and we applied this
constant pressure to their mids for four quarters. We managed to hold Christies
goalless in the first half, which was pleasing as our focus defensively pre game was
to not leak a score and keep Christies to a certain amount of points for the game, we
were tight defensively as well as kicking 13 goals from 26 scoring shots at half time.

The second half we continued how we played in the first, two goal saving chase
down tackles from Mick Shearer in defensive 50 displayed how we wanted to play for
the day and the boys grew taller from this example and continued to apply the
pressure. We finished off the game by kicking 11 goals 1 behind in the last quarter
with Sam Jacobs kicking 5 goals in the last. Reece Milsom was outstanding all day
with his clearance work and ball skills around the ground, Brad Patterson and Josh
Rosman supported Reece well as well as hitting the scoreboard and Sam Smith
continued his good form but his forward pressure and tackling was a particular

Sam Jacobs finished the game with 6 goals, Sam Smith kicked 5 and Aidan
Grayson, Josh Rosman and Brad Patterson kicked 3 goals each. Special mentions
to Reece Milsom, Adam Bunworth and Ethan Johnson who each kicked their first A
grade goal.

We look forward to Happy Valley at home this week, they had a good 30 point win
over Port Noarlunga so no doubt it will be a tough contest. See you there! 


Zane Kirkwood – A-Grade Coach

Under 14 Girls

Flagstaff Hill 7 9 51 defeated Christies 0 1 1

Best Players: Angela Rose, Emma Jeffries, Sophie Hodgson, Jazmyn Dawe, Aliya
Pedrick, Savannah Fleetwood.

Goal Kickers: Tayla Stockman 2, Jade Czulki 2, Georgia Taylor 1, Angela Rose 1,
Kayla Jamison 1.

Under 17 Girls

Flagstaff Hill 2 2 14 defeated by Christies 3 7 25

Best Players: Kaitlyn Aldridge, Tiana Lush, Elizabeth Johnson, Angela Rose, Ava
Knuckey, Kyah Smith.

Goal Kickers: Sienna Aldridge 1, Tiana Lush 1.

A Grade Women – Sponsored by KX Pilates

Flagstaff Hill 1 0 6 defeated by Christies 4 5 29

Best Players: Rachel Crockart, Jasmin Partridge, Chloe Meyers, Emma Hodgson,
Emma Hoppo, Kelsey Rodman.

Goal Kickers: Emma Hoppo 1.

Michael Hegarty – A Grade Women’s Coach

C Grade – Sponsored by Charlesworth Nuts

Flagstaff Hill 6 4 40 defeated by Reynella 10 9 69

Best Players: Adam Kleinig, Daniel Crisa, Saleh Baltagie, Luke Stewart, Ahmad
Baltagie, Ben Hawkins.

Goal Kickers: Tom McGoran 1, Moustafa Baltagie 1, Saleh Baltagie 1, Ali Baltagie 1,
Mitchell Chaplin 1, Adrien Petersen 1.

Wade Stone – C-Grade Coach

Round 2 Milestones

Michael Shearer – 150 Senior Games

Moustafa Baltagie – 50 C-Grade Games

Bradley Jenke – 50 Senior Games

FHFC Debuts

Congratulations to Ethan Johnson who made his A Grade Debut, Mitchell Chaplin & Tom McGoran who made their Senior Debut and to Sam Sheppard who played his first game for the Club last weekend.

With the return of the Sunday and Female Football programs we had plenty of new faces to welcome as well. Welcome to Piper Crosby, Emma Hayhurst, Emma Hoppo, Summer Goddard, India Mosman, Charley Shirley, Lauren Anderson, Allannah Athey, Madeline Bye, Jazmyn Dawe, Savannah Fleetwood, Kayla Jamison, Aliya Pedrick, Sienna Pillar, Alicia Rundell, Georgia Scanlan, Isabella Smith, Tayla Stockman & Sienna Taylor who all played their first game for the Falcons.

Special mention to Sasha Nancarrow and Tia Taylor on playing their first game for the A Grade Women.


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