Under 13 – Sponsored by Betta Quality Curtains and Blinds

Flagstaff Hill 3 8 26 defeated Aldinga 2 4 16

Best Players: Declan Stone, Kojo Antwi, Joel Quigley, Liam Beckley, Aiden Parton,
Lewis Collyer.

Goal Kickers: Blair Richman 1, Cooper Slattery 1, Campbell Page 1.

Mark Lemmey – U13 Coach

Under 15’s – Sponsored by Harcourts Tagni

Flagstaff Hill 14 12 96 defeated Aldinga 6 2 38

Best Players: Tyce Lush, Cohen Carlier, Steven Conway, Aidan Collyer, Isaac
Quigley, Walker Minnie.

Goal Kickers: Isaac Quigley 3, Aidan Collyer 3, Tyce Lush 2, Steven Conway 2,
Walker Minnie 2, Jai White 1, Declan Couldwell 1.

Michael Haslam – Under 15’s Coach

Under 17.5’s – Sponsored by Rainmaker Properties

Flagstaff Hill 21 16 142 defeated Aldinga 0 2 2

Best Players: Jack Chaplin, Ethan Johnson, Brodie Sisson, Lachlan Ellis, James
Keating, Aidan Carney.

Goal Kickers: Josh Lees 7, Jack Chaplin 6, Ethan Johnson 2, Aidan Carney 2,
Mitchell Chaplin 1, James Langdon 1, James Hele 1, Dylan Smith 1.

Craig Bunworth – Under 17.5’s Coach

 B Grade – Sponsored by Flagstaff Hotel

Flagstaff Hill 18 11 119 defeated Aldinga 3 2 20

Best Players: Matt Caire, Zak Cavouras, James Brennan, Tim Meinecke, Saleh
Baltagie, Darcy Kelsey.

Goal Kickers: Leigh O’Malley 4, Matt Hunter 4, Jake Bunworth 3, Mason Carney 1,
Bailey Richman 1, Matt Caire 1, Zak Cavouras 1, Daniel Mackenzie 1, Brad Scott 1,
Saleh Baltagie 1.

After a morning of pea soup fog, the B grade was able to run out to great conditions,
facing Aldinga who are clearly a footy club on the rebuild and showing really good
signs across all of  the club but their seniors are full or youth and playing a good
brand of footy, the challenges were not with the opposition but more internal.  We are
focused on playing to the same standard week in week out, with minimal changes
each week we are looking to maintain the high scoring, high work ethic each
week.  Round 14, we started by welcoming the U15’s into the rooms which was
great, we acknowledged and welcomed back Aaron Ramsey and Matt Hunter back
into the squad after a couple of weeks.  The game started, we controlled the quarter
with possession and winning inside 50’s but we didn’t control the pace of the game
well by playing fast footy for the most part which probably had us going up and down
the far wing too much.  We did hit the score board with 4.2 to their solitary goal.   The
second quarter we continued the ascendency of controlling the game, hitting the
scoreboard kicking 5.3 for the quarter and multiple kicks out of bounds. At half time
we held a 46 point lead, scores were 9.5 – 59 to 2.1 13.
The third quarter again we controlled the ball, it was a big quarter where our engine
finally got going, at times we tried too hard to search for the perfect play, but at the
same time we started to spread and switch, put some width in our possessions.   We
were able to gain control of the game and gain multiple inside 50s, we hit the
scoreboard effectively by kicking 7.3 for the quarter, holding them scoreless.  Our
back 6 are performing to a really high level, well led by Tim Meinecke, who
dominated the defensive 50 position, Brad Draper who’s directional voice and
knowledge of our structures had everyone standing in the right positions.  The
support crew of Ramsey, Fizz, Dmac, Gus, didn’t miss a chance to intercept, apply
pressure, and roll out of defence.    Matt Caire had dominated the game as our
midfield beast, doing what he wanted all around the game, unselfishly spending a lot
of time on our HB line while DMAC learns his midfield role.  Zac Cav for his second
game gave us a major boost in midfield run and pressure – arrives at every contest
urgently and aggressively and I can’t wait to see his body pressure against Morphett
Vale this week.    
The last quarter was an exercise in seeing who can adapt and overcome as the
board was turned upside down.  Brad Draper’s point, hitting the post from the square
was a highlight as our movement and vibe was reduced by numerous players,
playing in positions foreign to them, but coaches need to see different things and
gain learnings from these games.  One of the most enjoyable comments came from
the B grade assistant, late into the last quarter, who was lamenting the lack of
scoring in the last, only to be broadsided by the injured ruck man sitting next to him

who politely and brutally suggested it may be a result of the positional changes
implemented during the break – gold! 
I can’t wait for the challenge that the Emu’s will bring after the last encounter was
decided by a couple of points.

Graham Tomkins – B-Grade Coach

A Grade – Sponsored by TechDry

Flagstaff Hill 19 11 125 defeated Aldinga 5 7 37

Best Players: Josh Rosman, Brad Kirk, Nick Bailey, Samuel Smith, Ryan Mountford,
Kobe Cavouras.

Goal Kickers: Sam Jacobs 5, Sam Smith 3, Blake Aldridge 3, Ryan Mountford 3,
Mitch Johnson 2, Ethan Wildman 1, Aiden Grayson 1, Brayden Heyward-Ferors 1.

We took on Aldinga at home in Round 15, with this we celebrated 4 milestones in the
A grade. Congratulations to Nath Beenham on 50 senior games, Kobe Cavouras for
50 A grade games, Nick Bailey 100 senior games and Bray Heyward Ferors for 150
senior games. We pride ourselves on making milestone games a positive memory
for those celebrating so the boys were keen to do well against a young and fearless
Aldinga side.
Learning lessons from when we played them earlier in the year, we knew Aldinga
would want to take the game on at all costs and try to play a fast brand of footy. With
Aldinga winning the toss and kicking with the breeze in the first the boys held up
well, with a focus being don’t allow Aldinga to hit up short kicks on us and force them
to kick long which worked well for us in the first. We controlled field position but with
Aldinga playing numbers behind the ball it was hard for our mids to hit our forwards
regularly. At quarter time we held a 13 point lead.

The second quarter our foot skills and decision making really set us apart, our
midfield’s kicking between the 60-70 metre range from goal hitting into our forwards
was the best the coaches had seen this year. We rewarded the forwards leading up
by hitting them by foot which also freed up our big keys that were at home in the goal
square. At half time the score read Flagstaff Hill 11.5: 71 – Aldinga 3.4: 22.
The third quarter we again were kicking into the breeze and the emphasis of
stopping their hit up kicks remained and our defence held up well against Aldinga’s
fast footy. We were able to outscore the Sharks by getting past their extra players in
defence to take a 54 point lead into the last. Coming into the last quarter our
emphasis remained the same of finishing 4 good quarters of footy, but also we had a
predetermined score that we wanted to hold our opposition to so this was forefront of
our mind. We managed to hold Aldinga to 1 point in the last to achieve our goal for
the game, but the most pleasing was that we were able to mix our offence and
defence well together against a style of footy that’s unpredictable and hard to defend
at times. Final score Flagstaff Hill 19.11: 125 to Aldinga 5.7: 37.
Josh Rosman was our best on the day as his good form continues, his second and
third efforts around the contest were standouts. Brad Kirk was superb in defence
rarely being beaten at any stage, Nick Bailey, Sam Smith, Ryan Mountford and Kobe
Cavouras rounded out our best, however we had many players that could have
made a case to be in the best which from a coaches perspective is pleasing.
Sam Jacobs kicked 5 goals, Smith, Aldridge and Mountford kicked 3 each with Mitch
Johnson kicking 2 in his return game.

Big game this week vs Morphett Vale at home, week before the bye we’re looking
forward to a massive challenge.

Zane Kirkwood – A-Grade Coach

Under 14 Girls – Sponsored by Bliss & Rose

Flagstaff Hill 2 2 14 defeated by Aldinga 7 11 53

Best Players: Tayla Stockman, Tia Culpin, Jade Czukli, Angela Rose, Lauren
Anderson, Sienna Taylor.

Goal Kickers: Jade Czukli 2.

Dave Hodgson – Under 14 Girls Coach

Under 17 Girls – Sponsored by Style FX Hair, Nails & Beauty

Flagstaff Hill 1 2 8 defeated by Aldinga 7 13 55

Best Players: Alyssa Marlow, Sophie Hodgson, Elizabeth Johnson, Kahlia Read,
Kyah Smith, Angela Rose.

Goal Kickers: Peyton Brookes 1.

Mark Baker – Under 17 Girls Coach

A Grade Women – Sponsored by KX Pilates

Flagstaff Hill 22 19 151 defeated Aldinga 0 0 0

Best Players: Emily Brockhurst, Amber Cloughessy, Elizabeth Johnson, Chloe
Meyers, Brooke Watson, Piper Crosby.

Goal Kickers: Amber Cloughessy 8, Emily Brockhurst 8, Piper Crosby 3, Chloe
Meyers 2, Elizabeth Johnson 1.

Michael Hegarty – A Grade Women’s Coach

C Grade – Sponsored by Charlesworth Nuts

Flagstaff Hill 6 7 43 defeated by Morphett Vale 9 7 61

Best Players: Cam O’Malley, Angus Fisher, Ahmad Baltagie, Andy Allen, Ben
Hawkins, Joshua Wright.

Goal Kickers: Andy Allen 3, Sam Tharaldsen 2, Adrian Petersen 1.

Wade Stone – C-Grade Coach


Brayden Heyward-Ferors Lego – 150th Senior Game
Paul Ats – 150th Senior Game
Nick Bailey – 100th Senior Game
Kobe Cavouras – 50th A Grade Game 🥛
Nathan Beenham – 50th Senior Game
Ben Hawkins – 50th Senior Game
Tristan Smith – 50th Senior Game
Brooke Watson – 50th Club Game
Ava Knuckey – 50th Club Game
Kahlia Read – 50th Junior Game
Sophie Hodgson – 50th Junior Game

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