Under 13 – Sponsored by Betta Quality Curtains and Blinds

Flagstaff Hill 8 2 50 defeated by Port Noarlunga 8 5 53

Best Players: Jake Slattery, Macklin Brook, Conner Cutting, Kojo Antwi, Callum
Athey, Campbell Page.

Goal Kickers: Jake Slattery 5, Cruze Moore 1, Callum Athey 1, Charlie Roberts 1.

Mark Lemmey – U13 Coach

Under 15’s – Sponsored by Harcourts Tagni

Flagstaff Hill 3 2 20 defeated by Port Noarlunga 19 15 129

Best Players: Tyce Lush, Ashley Lamshed, Declan Couldwell, Walker Minnie,
Rajveer Dhillon, Riley Watchman.

Goal Kickers: Declan Couldwell 2, Isaac Quigley 1.

Michael Haslam – Under 15’s Coach

Under 17.5’s – Sponsored by Rainmaker Properties

Flagstaff Hill 15 8 98 defeated Port Noarlunga 12 10 82

Best Players: Aidan Carney, Brodie Sisson, Josh Lees, Cameron Brown, James
Keating, Riley Stone.

Goal Kickers: Josh Lees 5, Coby Hibbert 4, Cameron Brown 3, Hugh Nash 2, Aidan
Carney 1.

Craig Bunworth – Under 17.5’s Coach

 B Grade – Sponsored by Flagstaff Hotel

Flagstaff Hill 19 13 127 defeated Port Noarlunga 2 5 17

Best Players: Benjamin Burbridge, Blaise Tomkins, Matthew Caire, Sam Speak,
Ethan Wildman, James Brennan.

Goal Kickers: Matthew Hunter 3, Saleh Baltagie, Ben Burbridge 2, Leigh O’Malley 2,
Sam Speak 2, Toby Russell 2, Darcy Kelsey 2, Ethan Wildman 1, Nash Mitchell 1,
Adam Klenig 1.

Congratulations to the club on a great weekend of footy, the celebration of
reconciliation round combined with the absolute tribute to Leigh O’Malley and his
400 th  club game.   Well the lead up to the B grade was outstanding, David Kearsley
great club champion in his own right, shared his relationship and special bond with
Leigh with all the players, a wonderful acknowledgement of Leigh’s involvement with
all aspects of the club, both on and off field.  We were also lucky enough to have
Leigh’s two boys, Fletcher and Lawson in the rooms with their dad to indoctrinate
them into the culture of the club, a club that recognises and values good people first
and for most.   Pregame went to plan and we were ready, Leigh spoke to the lads
prior to them running out, reminding them to play the game and not the occasion, get
the win and celebrate after the siren.
The boys followed Leigh and his family through the banner and shortly after we were
underway.  The theme of the day was honesty, attention to intent, effort, work rate
and energy.  We put a very competitive team on the park, a lot of run and an injection
of lads who have played some good A grade footy.  The first quarter turned out to be
a clinic, any fear I had of the players being more focused on the day was out the
window.  We clinically took possession, won the contest and controlled the football
both by hand and foot.  We played the first quarter in their front half kicking 5 goals 2
in a strong performance. 
In the second quarter we built upon our work, lifted intensity and desire and kicked
another 6 goals to go into half time in control of the game.  Our quality of ball
movement both in terms of speed on the ball and precision kicking.  We didn’t really
give the ball back to Porties and when they had it, we harassed and pressured them
into turnovers. 
The coaches took the opportunity in the second half to change a few things up to
have a look at players in different positions and asking them to do different roles,
whilst this has a negative impact on our game style and efficiencies it is important for
our season and planning, providing great intelligence and exposing players to new
roles.   We had many good players over the day with our midfield of Burbridge,
Tomkins, Caire, Nash Mitchell, Saleh dominating the contested footy,  our backline
very strong and repelled most entries and our forward line very efficient.  Sam Speak
new to Flaggies continues to impress with his goal sense and speed around the
forward line and in his specialist role.  His pressure creating many turnovers both in
the forward line and at the back of the opposition contest.  Pete Crab relaxed back
into his role completely taking his foot off the pedal, basking in his glory of the
previous week!

A week off now and we prepare for Noarlunga Shoes.

Graham Tomkins – B-Grade Coach

A Grade – Sponsored by TechDry

Flagstaff Hill 22 10 142 defeated Port Noarlunga 12 8 80

Best Players: Sam Jacobs, Reece Milsom, Aiden Grayson, Cameron Blake, Adam
Bunworth, Macca Short.

Goal Kickers: Sam Jacobs 6, Sam Smith 3, Ryan Mountford 3, Aiden Grayson 3,
Blake Aldridge 2, Nathan Beenham 2, Josh Rosman 1, Brad Patterson 1, Brayden
Heyward- Ferors.

Congratulations to Leigh O’Malley on his 400 th  Club game on the weekend.

We also had 3 players represent the club in the Under 21 Association game,
congratulations to Blake Aldridge, Adam Bunworth and Aiden Grayson on making
the team and getting the win on Sunday.

Also congratulations to Sam Smith for kicking his 650th  senior goal for Flagstaff Hill, a
great achievement.

Saturday we played a much improved Port Noarlunga from years past, looking at
their scores this year we knew it would be a high scoring game as they play an
attacking style averaging 77 points a game, but this also meant their attacking game
plan opens up opportunities to score on them as well.

The game started and we were slow out the blocks, again letting the opposition to
kick the first goal of the game and control stoppages for the best part of the first
term. We managed to gain some control back near the end of the first but coming
into the break you could sense the group was disappointed with how they applied
themselves in the quarter. Coming out of the break the second quarter start with
winning the first clearance and hitting the scoreboard immediately, the difference in
body language, communication and intent was pleasing to get the response from the
boys all over the field. We were able to control the play but still allowed Port
Noarlunga to get some transition goals over the back, but we took a 26 point lead
into half time break.

The third quarter again was a much improved effort and the first 10 minutes the boys
played some of their best footy for the year. Some of the passages of play and ball
skills were pleasing to see the hard work playing off and from the coaches box, it felt
like the boys could feel the game style was working. We managed to kick 7 goals to
2 and hold a 54 point lead going into the last. The last quarter the game opened up
and we kicked 6 goals to 5, it was a good finish to the game offensively after a slow
start, we set out a team goal to hold Port Noarlunga under a certain amount which
we were unable to do but, to come away with a 10 goal win against the 4 th  placed
side is a good result.

Sam Jacobs led the way in the ruck all day then went forward and hit the
scoreboard, Reece Milsom was solid in the midfield all day along with Cam Blake,
Adam Bunworth and Macca Short and Aiden Grayson continued his great work up
forward. Goal kicking Sam Jacobs kicked 6, Smith, Mountford and Grayson kicked 3
each with Aldridge and Nath Beenham kicking 2 a piece.

On to another bye this week before a big game against second place Noarlunga at
their home ground, see you there!


Zane Kirkwood – A-Grade Coach

Under 14 Girls – Sponsored by Bliss & Rose

Flagstaff Hill 0 0 0 defeated by Port Noarlunga 12 13 85

Best Players: Madelin Jacobs, Sophie Hodgson, Jade czukli, Jazmyn Dawe, Emma
Jeffries, Georgia Taylor.

On Sunday the u14 girls took on top of the table and undefeated Port Noarlunga
Blue. Our girls met Port Noarlunga with the physical pressure they promised after a
disappointing performance the week prior, but unfortunately, we were no match for
the taller and more experienced Port Noarlunga.

The scoreline, while one sided, does not adequately reflect the endeavour of our
Flaggy girls, who proudly ran the game out and learned a few lessons along the way.
Best players were Maddie Jacobs who set the tackling standard against this strong
outfit and never took a back step. Sophie Hodgson who just keeps getting better
each week. Her run and carry started many forward thrusts and got us close to
scoring. Jade Czulki also gave us a target up forward and was tireless in her midfield
efforts. Jazmyn, Emma and Georgia also contributed well but unfortunately we were

We are a buoyant group who enjoy the game and comradery so much that we will
bounce back and look forward to making things right in our second look at Happy
Valley in a couple of weeks’ time.

Dave Hodgson – Under 14 Girls Coach

Under 17 Girls – Sponsored by Style FX Hair, Nails & Beauty

Flagstaff Hill 4 9 33 defeated by Port Noarlunga 8 9 57

Best Players: Sienna Aldridge, Elizabeth Johnson, Alyssa Marlow, Sophie Richman,
Summer Goddard, Kyah Smith.

Goal Kickers: Amelia Jensen 1, Sienna Aldridge 1, Sophie Richman 1, Summer
Goddard 1.

 Mark Baker – Under 17 Girls Coach

A Grade Women – Sponsored by KX Pilates

Flagstaff Hill 4 4 28 defeated by Port Noarlunga 4 9 33

Best Players: Elizabeth Johnson, Amber cloughessy, Rachel Crockart, Emily
Brockhurst, Brooke Watson, Emma Hodgson.

Goal Kickers: Elizabeth Johnson 2, Emma Hodgson 1, Emily Brockhurst 1.

Michael Hegarty – A Grade Women’s Coach

C Grade – Sponsored by Charlesworth Nuts

Flagstaff Hill 9 11 65 defeated Noarlunga 6 4 40

Best Players: Cameron Nuske, Tom McGoran, Mitchell Chaplin, Todd Alexander,
Luke Stewart, Liam Edgecumbe.

Goal Kickers: Ben Hawkins 2, Cameron Nuske 2, Bailey Richman 1, Michael Wright
1, Todd Alexander 1, Ali Baltagie 1, James Hackett 1.

Wade Stone – C-Grade Coach


Leigh O’Malley – 400th Club Game
Stuart Ats – 50th C Grade Game
Samuel Smith – 650th A Grade Goal

FHFC Debuts

Congratulations to Liam Waters on playing his first game for the Falcons ❤️💙

Congratulations also to all of our flaggy players who played and represented the SFL.


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