Under 13 – Sponsored by Betta Quality Curtains and Blinds

Flagstaff Hill 8 8 56 defeated Aldinga 1 1 7

Best Players: Liam Beckley, Charlie Roberts, Conner Cutting, Jake Slattery, Kojo Antwi, Mason Hall.

Goal Kickers: Charlie Roberts 3, Joel Curtis 1, Hunter Jordan 1, Jake Slattery 1, Liam Beckley 1, Callum Athey 1.

The under 13 lads had the eeeeaaarrrlllyyy start for the long drive down to Shark
Park on Saturday morning. We were looking for a big win to keep up with the top 2
and we were able to come away with a really positive result despite some setbacks
during the game.

The first quarter was really how we want to play football and we exploded to an early
lead at quarter time with a 4.3 to 0.0 scoreline. The boys maintained the structures
we want to play lead by our wingers Liam and Campbell and our whole backline as
well, while Charlie was doing what he does lately and really dominating the forward
line early in the game.

Unfortunately halfway through the second and third quarters the stretcher needed to
be called out for injuries and momentum each time was really slowed for us. The
boys were able to respond by kicking the first goal after the break but then soon after
the siren would sound to end the quarter.

The final quarter was a bit of a quieter affair however we were able to add a couple
more goals while keeping Aldinga scoreless. Credit to the Sharks who came out and
played a strong game that didn’t allow us to achieve our natural flow after quarter
time. We were able to withstand the pressure they brought and get the job done.
Thanks to everyone who was able to help out or check in regarding Jack, he has
been recovering well and is itching to get back out onto the park!

Mark Lemmey – U13 Coach

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Michael Haslam – Under 15’s Coach

Under 17.5’s – Sponsored by Rainmaker Properties


Craig Bunworth – Under 17.5’s Coach

 B Grade – Sponsored by Flagstaff Hotel

Flagstaff Hill 21 10 136 defeated Aldinga 1 2 8

Best Players: Sam Speak, Josh Faizal, Ethan Wildman, Daniel McKenzie, Matthew Caire, Bradley Draper and Brad Scott.

Goal Kickers: Leigh O’Malley 4, Matthew Caire 2, Cameron Nuske 2, Matt Hunter 2, Ethan Wildman 2, Sam Speak 2, Mason Carney 1, Bradley Draper 1, Toby Russell 1, Bradley Scott 1, Taaid Fallah 1, Saleh Baltagie 1, Darcy Kelsey 1.

Round 5, so we headed down to Shark Park, to play against an opposition who take
enormous pride in their club and facilities, our focus was on SELFLESS FOOTY,
recognising we probably wouldn’t get a lot of push back from Aldinga we identified
that we would focus on playing a really strong brand of footy, ensuring we did the
little things that we want to be identified with, playing structured discipline football,
switching, supporting our mates, giving our team mates opportunities to shine due to
our hard work.

Once again we were blessed with a magnificent day weather wise, with little or no
wind, a novelty in itself.  First quarter played out as we expected, Aldinga bought the
heat, put extra numbers around the ball and made it a tough physical contest.  We
struggled to get into space and utilise our better skills and speed to advantage, it
was a tug of war at best for the first 20 minutes and whilst we were in front at quarter
time, it wasn’t convincing.  Stoney reset the board, Cav provided some expect advice
to the mids, and we reminded the players of the need to play fast footy, to spread
and use the switch to make Aldinga run, otherwise they were going to sit behind the
ball and make it a congested fight.  The siren sounded and the team we know came
out to play, kicking 7 goals one point to no score, sharing the ball, hitting up leads,
kicking to advantage and putting width on our passing made Aldinga really struggle. 
Half time had the Falcons sitting at 10.5. (65) to 1.0 (6).  

The second half was a blank canvas, we gave a lot of players opportunities to play in
different positions, had a look at some different combinations, we didn’t take the foot
off the pedal as “Speaky” dominated the game – scoring two goals and providing at
least another 4.  Leigh O’Malley “you have to be in the right spot” kicked 4 goals for
the day – showed his experience and was able to get out the back and in the square
3 times!  In fact his stats were 5 kicks, for 4 goals not bad.   We gave Brad Draper a
run up forward which confused his father, but the team loved it when he kicked a
goal and celebrated in fine style.  13 players kicked one or more goals which was
really in the spirit of sharing the opportunities and the coaching staff continued to
throw players into the forward line for a bit of glory.  Whilst the score line doesn’t
suggest a great contest, Aldinga played tough all day, hit in really hard and gave it a
red hot go.    We kicked another 11 goals 5 points in the second half which shows
our physical preparation is on point and we are not slowing down in the second half. 

This week we travel to Emu Park and will take on a real challenger – having
despatched them from the finals race last season they will be fired up, and ready to
send us home without the win! 

It was a happy mother’s day weekend, so to all the mums, thanks for everything you

Graham Tomkins – B-Grade Coach

A Grade – Sponsored by TechDry

Flagstaff Hill 14 12 96 defeated Aldinga 4 7 31

Best Players: Brayden Heyward-Ferors, Kobe Cavouras, Bradley Kirk, Reece Milsom, Aiden Grayson, Blake Aldridge.

Goal Kickers: Blake Aldridge 3, Sam Smith 2, Aiden Grayson 2, Brayden Heyward- Ferors 2, Josh Rosman 1, Nick Bailey 1, Michael Shearer 1, Brad Patterson 1, Huw Channing 1.

Round 5 we travelled to Aldinga to take on the winless Sharks, looking at their
games this year they have been in each game and been ultra-competitive so we
knew this would again be the case. We celebrated two milestones this weekend, with
Macca Short playing his 50 th  A grade game and new recruit Aaron Ramsey making
his A grade debut.

True to their form Aldinga started well and played a style that was different to what
we had seen the last few weeks with extra numbers around the ball and their ball
movement of attacking the corridor which had our defenders on their toes. As we
started to figure them out and curtail a few of their influential players we gained
control near the end of the first and into the second. Unfortunately, in the space of 2
minutes at the beginning of the second quarter we lost debutant Aaron Ramsey to a
badly dislocated thumb which required a hospital visit, we then lost Mick Shearer to a
hamstring strain so we were down to one of the bench for the remainder. This took a
little for the boys to settle during the quarter and half time came at a good time for us
to regroup and reassess where we were at which was up by 23 points over a good

After half time and realising the battle we were in the group responded brilliantly by
what I think was our best quarter of footy for the year, not necessarily based on
scoring but our set ups, our pressure and communication was the best it had been
especially given one of our most experienced players was now on the sidelines. The
last quarter we continued the pressure and the theme of being ‘better for longer’ to
which we were able to out score our opponents by 42 points in the second half to
come away with a 65 point win. The coaches were again proud of the effort of the
group to respond to another challenge against a team that won’t be winless for much

Better players for the day included our stand in Captain Brayden Heyward-Ferors
who led from the front all day, our defenders were rock solid and clean led by Kobe
Cavouras and Brad Kirk, Reece Milsom was again silky smooth with ball in hand
through the middle and across half back with Blake Aldridge and Aiden Grayson
working tirelessly up forward. Blake Aldridge kicked 3 from centre half forward with
Smith, Grayson and Heyward-Ferors kicking 2 each.

We move on to Morphett Vale this week, last years Grand Finalist and a side who’s
spot on the ladder doesn’t reflect their potential and we are looking forward to
another big challenge this Saturday, see you there!


Zane Kirkwood – A-Grade Coach

Under 14 Girls

Dave Hodgson – Under 14 Girls Coach

Under 17 Girls

 Mark Baker – Under 17 Girls Coach

A Grade Women – Sponsored by KX Pilates

Flagstaff Hill 3 5 23 defeated by Cove 4 3 27

Best Players: Brooke Watson, Elouisa Thomas, Amber cloughessy, Amelia Morriss, Chloe Meyers, Kelsey Rodman.

Goal Kickers: Ebony Scanlan 1, Piper Crosby 1.

On Friday 12 May our Open Women’s team took on Cove under lights at the
snakepit, in what we hope will become an annual fixture in the calendar. This was
expected to be a tough and close contest with Cove just another of the teams
coming for us given our recent success. Our women were up and about and equal to
the task, unfortunately falling short by less than a kick in an exciting match. For our
women, it was a case of what could have been as we gave up a two-goal advantage
late in the third quarter which changed the momentum of the contest. Unfortunately
for us, the injury toll was severe with young guns Piper Crosby, Rachel Crockert and
Ebony Scanlon having to be subbed out, while Issy Verlado played out the game
under severe duress.


Michael Hegarty – A Grade Women’s Coach

C Grade – Sponsored by Charlesworth Nuts


Wade Stone – C-Grade Coach


Mitch Johnson – 150th Club Game
Macca Short – 50th A Grade Game
Kaitlyn Aldridge – 50th Club Game

FHFC Debuts

Congratulations to Aaron Ramsey on his A Grade Debut.

Welcome to Anton Armanini, Callum O’Neill & Brianna Aitchison who all played their first game for the Club. ❤️💙


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