We are pleased to announce that Russell Veenvliet has accepted the position as our clubs, A-Grade Coach for Season 2020.  Russell was initially appointed as our B-Grade coach in November but put his hat in the ring along with others to apply for the A-Grade position in late December. 

The panel was not only impressed with Russell’s presentation but also the assistance he has provided to the Senior Leaders with preseason preparation.  He has demonstrated the leadership and coaching qualities at training that best suit our current Senior playing group. He provides a new voice and is passionate about coaching this team towards another premiership.

On behalf of our panel, I would like to thank you, our members, for your patience and support.  This process has taken a long time but we spoke to many potential and suggested candidates to ensure we had found the best person for this role, and we believe we have. 

I am sure you all join me in congratulating Russell and welcoming him and his team on board.