FHFC Footy Tipping Opens

  • 2019 FHFC Footy Tips

As we await for dawn to break on the AFL season for 2019, I am pleased to announce that the powerhouse of tipping competitions; the Flagstaff Hill FC Footy Tipping Competition will continue in 2019.

So get ready for obscure references that no one asked for but you’re going to get, and let’s make like the Cambrian Explosion and populate this tipping platform by following the below information! With an increase in Tippers comes an increase in the prize pool, so invite your friends and family to join too – and let’s make this competition big enough to manipulate space time.

With a minuscule $25 entry fee, and easy online registration and tipping there’s no reason not to join.

Last year Brad Kirk took home a spicy $500 for first place, as well as cash prizes for second, third, the Joker and the Sharpshooter – is 2019 your year? YES.

Click here for more information, rules and how to register.

Author: Kate Williams