FHFC Need New Changerooms – Have your say!

As you may know,  over 24 months ago, we received funding for some long-overdue new unisex change rooms and an upgrade to our beloved Community Centre.

Like me, I’m sure you are all very frustrated that none of these projects has commenced.

I can assure you that a lot of work has been happening behind the scenes with myself and all of the other Presidents on the Community Centre Board.  

Before the renovation of the Community Centre can take place; however, the new changerooms need to be built.  This process has been a part of the hold-up.  

Firstly a location needed to be agreed upon, and at first, the chosen location seemed to be the area between the Community Club and the Cricket nets. We very quickly moved against this location for several critical reasons: 

  1. The loss of the gated playground (one of the most popular and used parts of the centre).
  2. It would only allow for a tiny gap between the public toilets and the change rooms creating a security issue, but also a problem if 40 odd senior footballers were running out onto the field at the same time as a small child or older resident was leaving the toilets it would be dangerous.
  3. The proximity to the cricket nets was also an issue. There were also sewer issues in this location which would involve a high extra cost to the council (which would come out of our allocated funds)

 Quite frankly, when we laid out the measurements in this spot, we just knew it wasn’t right.

So the board members quickly came up with a new location for the change rooms (over a year ago). This location is over next to the green shed (see images below). 

This new location means:

  • no security issues
  • the popular fenced playground stays put
  • no loss of car parking
  • kids can safely have a hit of cricket in the nets 
  • a clear line of sight from the oval to the fenced playground and tennis courts
  • saves the centre thousands of $$ with the sewer issues.

 It was the obvious choice. Yes, this will mean the old/dated swings will be lost, but part of the council plan, as a result, is to provide new playground equipment.

I can report that the groundwork for the sewer for the new change rooms has already taken place.

Since the decision was made, there have been over eight meetings between representatives of the Community Centre at the centre and the Onkaparinga Council, and finally, after many promises and inaction, a proposed plan has gone up on the council website for the public to have their say (see the button below for the link)


The council are asking for the Community to jump online and answer a survey about the proposed development. 

As members, you are all directly affected by these updates, so you need to let the council know if you agree with the proposed change rooms and redevelopment/ relocation of the playground.  

The more support we have for this and the more of us that have our say we have a much higher chance that the changerooms will be approved and we will finally see some action.  

So jump on the website (click on the link below) and have your say and if you can, encourage your friends to do the same.

You have until the 16th of March 2020. 

Never was there a better time to show the strength of the Flaggy Army and the true Flaggy Spirit.




PS. If you have any concerns, please feel to email me – I am more than happy to discuss the development and answer any questions. 

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