Our Committee

At the Flagstaff Hill Football Club we strive to be the best we can in all areas of the club, this includes on the field and off the field. Over the past few years the club has worked very hard to build a strong committee of volunteers who have steered the club in the right direction.

Committee Members

Neil Williams


Mel Haslam


Don Aldridge

Senior Football Director

Grant McAvaney


Julianne Mitchell


Bill Kelsey

Junior Football Director

Kate Williams

Womens Football Director

Lisa Marker

Child Protection Officer

Bec Couldwell

Sub-Junior Football Co-ordinator

Melissa Brennan

Merchandise Co-ordinator

Senior Coaches

Russell Veenvliet

B-Grade Coach

Wade Stone

C-Grade Coach

Women's & Girls Coaches

Andrew Brockhurst

Open Women's Coach

Luke Beenham

Under 16's Girl Coach

Anthony Field

Under 14's Girl Coach

Junior Coaches

Marty Clifton

Under 17.5 Coach

Paul Hollands

Under 15 Coach

Steve Hibbert

Under 13 Coach

General Committee

Andrew Marker

General Committee

Ben Mitchell

General Committee

Brett Charlesworth

General Committee

Cath Halliday

General Committee

Craig Bunworth

General Committee

David Heard

General Committee

Joanne Jarzabek

General Committee

Leigh O'Malley

General Committee

Leith Mitchell

General Committee

Michael Shearer

General Committee

Paul Hollands

Under 15 Coach

Sam Tharaldsen

General Committee

Thea Hollands

General Committee

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