Round 2 Wrap Up

Round 2 saw us venture down to Noarlunga …. we came away with 3 wins but unfortunately faced two losses in the Seniors. Tough Day but a lot to learn as we head into the Easter Break and then back on the track ready for next weekends A-Grade Grand Final Rematch against Reynella and our Diggers Day.

Would be great to see many of you at the club on Thursday night to support our Senior boys for their training. All are welcome. Bar’s Open.

Under 13’s: 
Noarlunga 0 – Falcons 118
Goal Kickers: L. Roberts 5, L. Sorella 4, B. Jeffries 3, L. Hollands, J. Scutchings, J. Carlier, B. Sisson
Best Players: L. Roberts, J. Scutchings, B. Jeffries, Z. Mayr, J. Carlier, K. Smith
Coach:Craig Bunworth 
Our first trip away from home for the season and the focus was to follow up our solid performance in rd 1. The bigger oval would be a test for our fitness so rotations played a big part. While the opposition didn’t put to much pressure back on us it was important we played the game to our strengths. A convincing result for the Flaggy boys but most impressively was the humility and sportsmanship by the lads. A rest this weekend before a big test against Reynella.

Under 15’s:
Noarlunga 35 – Falcons 58

Goal Kickers: B. Gallacher, T. Brockhurst, B. Richman, D. Kelsey, H. Lemmey, A. Bunworth, A. Hill, E. Johnson, J. Williams
Best Players: H. Lemmey, A. Bunworth, A. Hill, T. Brockhurst, T. Halliday, J. Comley
CoachPaul Hollands
A great 4 quarter effort by the boys this week against solid opposition on their home ground. A more even spread across the 22 with everyone contributing which was pleasing. We now prepare for a big test against Reynella.

Under 17.5’s 
Noarlunga 37 –  Falcons 59

Goal Kickers: S. Baltagie 3, K. Vanzetta 3, D. Henty-Smith 2, J. Dixon
Best Players: K. Vanzetta, C. Menadue, S. Drozd, J. Little, D. Henty-Smith, B. Bope
Coach: Marty Clifton
Noarlunga got the jump on us early and kicked 5 to 1 in the first quarter. To the boys credit, they showed character and belief in each other to kick 8 goals to 1 after quarter time to win by 22 points. Any win down there is a good win. A lot to like and a lot to improve on in time.

Noarlunga 50 – Falcons 27

Goal Kickers: L. O”Malley 2, C. Buersch, A. Allen
Best Players: H. Channing, E. Wildman, B. Tomkins, B. Steer, N. Mitchell, L. O”Malley
Coach: Kym Dooley
Unfortunately we didn’t come away with the win but showed some character against a good experienced Noarlunga team. We will take out the positives and learn from this experience and look forward to our next game.

Noarlunga 103 – Falcons 41
Goal Kickers: S. Smith 2, R. Mountford 2, B. Heyward-Ferors, D. Webb
Best Players: Z. Cavouras, B. Patterson, D. Mitchell, C. Davies, D. Kearsley, C. Puiatti
Coach:Darren Vanzetta
Well it was a tough day at the office. As we expected Noarlunga will be a great opponent in 2019. We might not have got the points this time but you learn lots from your losses. We will go away as a group and continue to work on our structures. Zak Cav done a great job on there best player keeping him to one goal and Patto was his consistent best with no bench from half time we were going to struggle with rotations but no excuses we will be back bigger and stronger on Diggers round. See you then. The boys will train Tuesday Thursday this week Tuesday next week starting at 6:30 and on ANZAC day training will be 9:39 to 11:00. Would love to see supporters out at training.

Author: Kate Williams