Sunday Wrap Up – 26th May 2019

Under 14 SANFL Boys: 
Morphettville Park 8 – Flagstaff Hill 68
Goal Kickers: M. Pearce 4, E. Johnson 3, J. Costello 2, B. Gallacher, J. Marker, L. Ellis, C. Clifton, R. Stone
Best Players: J. Costello, J. Scutchings, L. MacNab, E. Johnson, L. Hollands, P. McAvaney
Coach: Damien Keating
The under 14’s, after getting their first win of the season the week before, travelled to Morphettville Parks for a Friday night game under lights. The boys were pumped up and flew out of the gates to put on 4 goals in the first 10 minutes by applying extreme pressure and running to help each other. They didn’t drop off and ran out strong winners 14.9 (93) to 1.2 (8). So many team members continue to improve and we now face the top team and look forward to that challenge this week.

Under 16.5 SANFL Boys: 
Flagstaff Hill 122 – Tea Tree Gully 22
Goal Kickers: R. Galliford 5, K. Vanzetta 3, L. Quilliam 2, J. Faizal 2, S. Baltagie, B. Burbridge, J. Richman, L. Hollands, J. Williams, T. Smith
Best Players: S. Baltagie, A. Bunworth, B. Burbridge, T. Smith, J. Williams, K. O”Brien
Coach: Marty Clifton and others. 
A fantastic game of footy to watch in extremely wet conditions. It was my first time as coach of this team and I was extremely happy with the effort and disciplined team approach. At times the lads handled the footy like it was a dry day. A big test to this week against the top team Modbury and I reckon they are up to the challenge. Thanks, Marty

SFL C-Grade: 
Flagstaff Hill 45 – Port Noarlunga 28
Goal Kickers: M. Hunter 2, M. Baltagie, A. Bahouche, P. Ats, A. Roberts
Best Players: M. Hegarty, T. Meinecke, M. Short, D. Crisa, K. Cavouras, M. Hunter
Coach: Wade Stone

Under 14 Girls: 
Cove 7– Flagstaff Hill 56
Goal Kickers: A. Clancey 2, A. James, C. Smailes, I. Russell, C. Rivett, E. Hodgson, E. Comley
Best Players: C. Smailes, M. Field, E. Hodgson, A. Clancey, H. Smailes, I. Russell
Coach: Anthony Field

Under 14 Flaggy girls played Cove on Sunday off the back of two losses in a row. The girls came out with determination and strength to show their competitors they won’t stay down for long. With only 13 players available the girls tackled hard and showed us how to bounce back from a couple of losses. The Falcons lead all game and finished winners 8.8 to 1.1 in a great team effort. We have a well-deserved rest now with mid-season break and the long weekend ready for a strong second half of the season. Bring it on!

Under 16 Girls: 
Reynella 15 – Flagstaff Hill 15
Goal Kickers: J. Partridge
Best Players: C. Scutchings, J. Partridge, J. Manning, S. Chapman, B. Kleinig, E. Scanlan
Coaches: Luke Beenham & Michael Hegarty
We came up against Reynella, with both teams being undefeated to this point in the season. Reynella started strongly before the rain came and the oval turned to mud! This turned the match into a tough contest, our girls rose to the challenge and continued to rebound from defence and move it into the attack. We were unable to put the goals on the board in the 3rd quarter meant we were down at the last break. The girls completely dominated the last qtr and were down by a goal with only a few seconds to go. They were able to win the ball back and Jasmin Partridge kicked our only goal of the day on the siren to draw the game. The girls played the match with no bench all game and were down at every break but they should outstanding Flaggy Spirit to come away with a draw.

Open Women: 
Aldinga 9– Flagstaff Hill 23
Goal Kickers: V. Renfrey 2, G. Birchall
Best Players: C. Meyers, S. Moon, C. Morton, A. Baker, C. Farr, H. Griffin
Coaches: Pete Cav
Now that Dean and I have come down from cloud nine I thought it an appropriate time to congratulate the girls on an excellent win last Sunday. And I am referring to not just the 20 players that ran out onto the ground, but the whole squad and support staff who have come on board and embraced what we are about quicker than expected. Enjoy the win for there is still a lot of work to do and a long way to go, but at the very least this should instil some belief about our potential in line with my expectations for 2019. Congratulations to Chloe on a standout performance but it was really a case of all played well. Hopefully, we can back it up with a win against Hackham this weekend

Kate Williams
Author: Kate Williams