Coaches Wrap – Gold Round

U13 Boys
FH 16.18.114 Def Ald 0.0.0
Sponsored by Harcourts Tagni
Goal Kickers: Y. Antwi 5, T. Lush 3, L. Konjevic 2, L. Elliott 2, R. Dhillon, M. Clifton, M. Da Silva, D. Couldwell
Best Players: M. Da Silva, T. Lush, L. Elliott, M. Clifton, E. Boey, Y. Antwi

A good result from the U13 boys on the weekend in a tougher game than the 16 goals to nothing would suggest. Most of the game was spent in our forward half along with all of the Aldinga players making for a congested, contested hit out. To Aldinga’s credit they made it hard work for us in the first half before we ran away with it in the second. We continue to get great drive out of the middle with Mitchell Clifton dominating the ruck and his connection with Tyce Lush and the other onballers is a pleasure to watch. Yaw Antwi played a deep full forward and was rewarded with 5 goals taking his season tally to 17. The whole team is growing in their confidence, not only in themselves but each other, and I am looking forward to an improved second half of the season. With the school holidays coming up soon we will regain our college boys for a game or two and this will only strengthen the side as we strive to improve our fifth place on the ladder.

This week off will be great to freshen a few sore spots up before we face off against the Emu’s. We beat the Emu’s in round one but they have been improving week in week out so we can’t take this game lightly. With only Ben Haslam on the injury list for the next four to six weeks we will be near full strength and should start the day off with a win.

Congratulations and good luck to all the association representatives. See you all at the footy Hazz

Michael Haslam – Under 13’s Coach 

U15 Boys 
FH 24.12.156 Def Ald 0.1.1
Sponsored by City Rural Insurance
Goal Kickers: L. Sorella 11, K. Smith 3, Z. Mayr 2, B. Hudson 2, C. Hibbert 2, J. Lees, H. Nash, T. Rymell, J. Scanlan
Best Players: L. Sorella, J. Scanlan, B. Sisson, Z. Mayr, J. Lees, T. Rymell


What a fantastic game to be a part of and congrats to Nat Bunworth on her dedication to raising awareness and monies for a great cause.
Gold Round saw us take on Aldinga at home.
The team was lucky enough to have Nate Morgan in the rooms with us who has been affected by childhood cancer and has been involved with numerous teams at Flagstaff Hill whilst growing up.
It was the icing on the cake to give the boys the extra push to do all the small things to ensure a win on the day and get to sing the song with Nate in the rooms. Gold!
The team were on from the start kicking seven goals in the first qtr.
It was a dominant performance from all players and showed great teamwork throughout the day.
Our fullforwad kicked 11.2 and got best player in an impressive display and was obviously served well by our running players.
The only sour note was one player sustained a broken finger and will miss a number of weeks.
Congrats boys on a fantastic win and doing a great job in the first half of the season, enjoy the break.

Steve Hibbert – Under 15’s Coach
U17.5 Boys
FH 17.9.111 Def Ald 7.4.46
Sponsored by Macnab Finance 
Goal Kickers: C. Ames 4, J. Richman 3, B. Aldridge 3, J. Faizal 3, T. Brockhurst 2, A. Grayson, J. Morehouse
Best Players: J. Morehouse, C. Ames, J. Faizal, A. Grayson, A. Baltagie, T. Brockhurst
Aldinga at home, smaller oval suits them and was a bit of a battle.  We have been working on structures a little more and at times, I think the boys got a bit confused at how to play their role.  We have the opportunity to fine tune this in the next 6 weeks.
We were up by three goals going into the last quarter but Aldinga had their backs up after kicking 4 goals to our 1 in the third. The boys listened to instructions and we managed to kick 8 to 1 goal in the last quarter running out winners by 63 points. Still a work in progress but it’s a good challenge

Marty Clifton – Under 17’s Coach

B Grade
FH 24.18.162 Def Ald 0.0.0
Sponsored by Flagstaff Hotel
Goal Kickers: R. McNamara 6, C. Wright 3, J. Mayr 3, D. Tomkins 2, C. Greening 2, B. Knuckey 2, M. Baltagie, D. Nash, T. Smith, C. Davies, C. Buersch, B. Pearse
Best Players: D. Nash, C. Davies, J. Mayr, R. McNamara, C. O”Malley

A disciplined approach was the order of the day as we set out to take on Aldinga at    Flaggy Park.
This entailed sticking to our structures, being creative and bold with our passages of play and to utilise our run off the back of each contest. We did that with aplomb on the weekend.
It’s a credit to our fellas that we are bringing about great defensive pressure throughout each and every game. This was evident once again in our contest with the Sharks. We are working towards applying more pressure in our forward line as we progress through the season.
Casey Davies and Cameron O’Malley showed poise and their experience by constantly bringing us back into the corridor throughout the day. This enabled us to then work some angles to release players into space in other areas of the ground.
Daniel Nash continues to be as productive as ever around the ball with everything he touches, turning to gold.
Jacob Mayr had a wonderful Senior debut kicking three brilliant goals on the back of some hard running and contested footy.
Baxter Knuckey is now becoming a consistent goal kicker in our team which is a credit to him, his running power and his desire to keep himself available at the foot of the packs.
We are thoroughly pleased with the Front 9 of our season and upon reflection, have seen a good deal of development go into our younger players. Having used only 32 players thus far, it’s wonderful how well our boys have managed themselves on and off the field, to enable us to keep a solid core of players on the deck each week.
With no game this long weekend, we look forward to welcoming a few boys back from the injury list as we set sail for the Back 9 of the season. One of these players being our Captain Leigh O’Malley who we know, will offer invaluable leadership to the boys when he is out on the ground.
After losing our first game to Morphett Vale by 4 points we’ve strung 7 straight wins together to see us stay on top of the ladder. In light of that, we know that we must redeem ourselves in Round 10 against the Emus to continue our winning ways.
Wishing all of our SFL Reps and Coaches for the Association games, all the best this long weekend.

Aaron Caesarikow and Raeph Caesarowicz – B-Grade Coaches

A Grade
FH 27.18.180 Def Ald 2.4.16
Sponsored by Tech-Dry SA
Goal Kickers: R. Mountford 6, D. Webb 4, S. Smith 3, D. Butcher 3, S. Tharaldsen 2, M. Shearer 2, N. Beenham 2, A. Karner, D. Kearsley, C. Puiatti, M. Walton, E. Wildman
Best Players: R. Mountford, M. Shearer, S. Smith, C. Puiatti, S. Tharaldsen, T. Carney

A Grade Women
Sponsored by Chicken Hub

Dean Renfrey

C Grade
FH 7.12.54 Def by Porties 9.5.59
Sponsored by Charlesworth Nuts
Goal Kickers: B. Aldridge 5, A. Dennis, T. Davies
Best Players: A. Baltagie, J. Bunworth, S. Ats, B. Aldridge, D. Harris, M. Wright


U17 Girls
11.13.79 Def MV 1.1.7

Sponsored by Chicken Hub

Goal Kickers: E. Scanlan 2, I. Roberts 2, I. Crowther 2, I. Russell, E. Hodgson, J. Partridge, B. Watson, B. Kleinig
Best Players: E. Scanlan, B. Kleinig, B. Watson, E. Hodgson, A. Butler, B. Nicholls-Newman
Round 7 saw us play Morphett Vale down there. Going into the match our aim was to spread the field and keep the ball moving to avoid repeat stoppages. From the first minute of the game we controlled the ball, with our handballing being the best of the season to get the ball into the open player’s hands. We were unable to capitalise on our control of the game, scoring 2.6 in the first quarter. It was more of the same in the second and third quarters, winning lots of the ball to go into three quarter time 6.10 to 1.1. The last quarter we moved some players around and were able to take a few more marks inside 50 to kick 5.3 to run out 11.13 79 to 1.1 7 winners. Ebony Scanlan was exceptional once again and set the tone for the team winning the ball and also pushing forward to kick 2 goals. Brooke Kleinig was equally damaging winning the ball and setting up scoring opportunities for the team all game. Brooke Watson worked hard all game applying excellent tackle pressure and won the ball consistently across half forward. We now enjoy the weekend off. Good luck to all Falcons who have been selected for SFL Association teams, playing over the weekend.
Luke Beenham

U16 Boys 
FH 4.8.32 Def Lockleys 3.6.24
Sponsored by Followme4wd
Goal Kickers: J. Lees, B. Jeffries, K. Smith, J. Chaplin
Best Players: J. Chaplin, B. Jeffries, K. Smith, E. Johnson, L. Ellis, M. Chaplin
With the GOLD round being the theme of the weekend it was brilliant to see all the U16s lads embrace the event with most slipping on the Gold shoelaces and wearing a gold armband to support this great cause.
We headed to Lockleys with a bit of confidence that our current form would put us right in the contest.
Facing Lockleys who are also Red and Blue we were in a clash guernsey (white) and it may have played with our own heads.
We looked flatfooted and lacking energy during the first half which was completely opposite to our brand of footy over the last few weeks.
With only the solitary goal to us at half time, the team needed to lift.
A couple of positional changes and a change of mindset and the lads responded.
We picked up our aggression at the contest and were smarter with our ball use and put plenty of doubt in the opposition’s mind.
We came away with an 8 point win but it highlighted the need to be on your game no matter the opposition.
Keiran Smith sustained a split eyebrow from an accidental knee clash in the third quarter and strangely enough this sparked the rest of the team. 
We have hit half way and go into a bye round sitting on top of the ladder but with plenty of challenges ahead which I’m sure the lads are eager to get into.


U14 girls 
FH 6.6.42 Def Hack 0.0.0
Sponsored by Subway O’Halloran Hill
Goal Kickers: S. Aldridge 3, S. Vowles, L. Stockman, A. Marlow
Best Players:A. Marlow, A. Taylor, S. Vowles, A. Sorella, S. Hodgson, M. Jacobs

The U14 girls played at Hackham this Sunday, hoping a win would boost our chances of getting into the major round after a bit of a slow start to the season.

Once again we were quick out of the blocks posting 4 unanswered goals to half-time. The few forward thrusts by the Hackham side were met with some of our team’s best rebounding of the season so far.  The message this week was to try and keep the game open and the ball moving quickly, and this helped later in the game with some brilliant passages of play. Sophie ‘Snuffa’ Adams played her first game in the red and blue and showed great spirit getting her first touches in both offense and defense.

Goals were kicked by S. Aldridge 3, S. Vowles, L. Stockman and A. Marlow.  While best players were; Alyssa Marlow, with her great speed and selfless work off the ball. Ava Taylor was terrific again with her aggression and run.  Sophie Vowles played clean footy, and was able to open the game up for her team-mates.  Others that played well were Abby Sorella, Sophie Hodgson and Maddie Jacobs.  Next week is the bye and then it gets serious with Christies Beach at home.

A quick shout out to the girls who help out and ran water or showed support at the game. Duly noted.

David Hodgson