U13 Boys

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Flagstaff Hill 8.8-56
Happy Valley 2.2-14
Goal Kickers: Y. Antwi 2, L. Tasker 2, C. Carlier 2, B. Warren, R. Pedrick
Best Players: L. Tasker, M. Clifton, T. Lush, C. Carlier, B. Warren, Y. Antwi
A great result on the weekend and the coaching staff couldn’t be happier. We knew the importance of the game and the result couldn’t have been better. The equation was simple. Win against Happy Valley and we secure a spot in the finals and that is exactly what we did.
It was almost on before the start of the game with Happy Valley trying some mental games warming up at our end of the ground but we wouldn’t have any of that. We started our run throughs in the middle of their lane kicking forcing them to relocate to the other end of the oval. It was tense.
The first half was what we expected in a tough, tightly fought physical contest. We went into half time 9 points up and it was still very much game on. Happy Valley kicked the first of the third quarter to get within 3 points but that was it as we produced our best team football of the season to date. We were harder at the contest, more skilful with the footy and cleaner around the contest. We went on to kick the last 6 goals of the game and seal our spot in the finals.
Lachy McTaggert was on fire all game with another BOG performance and had helpers all over the ground. Lachy Tasker is settling well into his role at CHF and is providing us with a contested lead up target when we go forward. His improvement over the last few weeks has been a major factor in our recent good form and it is a credit to him and how well he listens and follows instruction. Our leaders, Mitchell, Tyce and Cohen are performing week in and week out and we are primed for a red hot crack at finals.
We have one more game to go against Aldinga next week then look out.
See you at the footy

Michael Haslam – Under 13’s Coach 

U15 Boys 
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Flagstaff Hill 15.14-104
Happy Valley 5.3-33
Goal Kickers: L. Sorella 5, C. Johns 2, B. Jeffries 2, J. Ladbrook 2, C. Brown, C. Hibbert, B. Sisson, S. Burbridge
Best Players: S. Burbridge, T. Berndt, J. Ladbrook, B. Jeffries, C. Johns, K. Smith
With our last home game for the year it was fantastic to be able to use the new rooms before our season ends.
The local derby lived up to expectations with Happy Valley coming out strong and getting that crucial first goal.
With our team having a fantastic win last week I was worried that the boys maybe a little complacent and the slow start worried me.
Our boys were left chasing the footy and needed to swing the momentum our way.
Some great individual efforts proved to be the spark the boys needed and scoreboard pressure started to come back in our favour.
There were a few undisciplined acts from our side during that latter part of the game that gave our opposition a sniff, but to the boys credit they overcame the frustration and switched on to finish the game victorious.  
We head to Aldinga next round to finish the minor round and then into finals.
Finals only come from the hard work the team has put in. Well done.
We will continue to train hard and finish what we started.
Let’s do this boys!  
Steve Hibbert – Under 15’s Coach
U17.5 Boys
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Flagstaff Hill 10.12-72
Happy Valley 6.7.43
Goal Kickers: J. Morehouse 4, B. Aldridge 3, T. Esser, C. Ames, A. Grayson
Best Players: J. Costello, A. Grayson, J. Brennan, A. Baltagie, J. Morehouse, J. Faizal

After a poor game against Reynella last week, the boys bounced back to play solid football against Happy Valley.  The longer the game went, the better we got with an even contribution across the group and plenty of room to improve. Happy Valley really challenged us and were leading at half time before we were able to get our hands on the footy and run out the game well. Eventually winning 10.12 – 6.7.

Marty Clifton – Under 17’s Coach

B Grade
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Flagstaff Hill 5.4-34
Happy Valley 3.5-23
Goal Kickers: R. McNamara 3, M. Hunter 2
Best Players: T. Meinecke, C. O”Malley, J. Bunworth, C. Davies, D. Nash
The last two weeks have seen us prevail against top 5 sides in what could be described as, ‘gritty’ performances.
These two games have given us the ideal preparation leading into the finals as the contested nature in which they were played, is similar to what we will encounter  in September.
Tim Meinecke took no fewer than 15 intercept marks in defence which went a long way to us winning the match. His leadership down back has been fantastic all year. For the third game running, Tim was our Best Player. He was ably supported down back by Cameron O’Malley, Alex Buersch, Campbell Wright, Angus Fisher, Casey Davies and Jake Bunworth who all had great games as well.
Jake Bunworth continues to show his versatility and athletic prowess by winning his own footy around the ground while at the same time, shutting down very influential players.
With one round left, Ritchie McNamara has well and truly stitched up the Leading Goal Kicker Award in the B Grade competition (currently sitting on 58 goals). Well done on being so crafty in scoring each of your goals this year Ritchie!
In what was a most pleasing finish to the match, our players were able to umbrella, switch and hold onto the ball for 6.5 minutes in the last quarter thereby denying the opposition a chance to gain a possession. A big improvement from our encounter with Reynella in the middle of the year when we didn’t change the tempo of the footy and almost got run over. This change in tempo on the weekend was controlled by our senior players in Leigh O’Malley, Angus Fisher and Tim Meinecke who recognised what was required in the latter stages of the game. Great job fellas!
The smell of Finals is in the air and we thoroughly deserve September action after putting in so much during the year. Our goal of being the first B Grade side in the history of our club to go Back-to-Back, is ‘front of mind’ but we know it’s a week by week focus now as we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves.

Aaron Caesarikow and Raeph Caesarowicz – B-Grade Coaches

A Grade
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Flagstaff Hill 14.15-99
Happy Valley 6.6-42
Goal Kickers: D. Butcher 5, N. Beenham 2, M. Johnson 2, R. Mountford 2, M. Short, B. Heyward-Ferors, B. Patterson
Best Players: B. Heyward-Ferors, M. Johnson, H. Channing, B. Kirk, M. Short, K. Cavouras
Russell Veenvliet – A-Grade Coach 

A Grade Women
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Hackham 0.0
Flagstaff Hill 16.14-110
Goal Kickers: E. Brockhurst 5, J. Andrews 3, T. Morriss 2, I. Dyson 2, E. Sjoberg, R. Mitchell, N. O”Connor, R. Crockart
Best Players: A. Baker, S. Dayman, J. Andrews, E. Sjoberg, C. Meyers, S. Moon
A Grade women finished off the minor round in style beating Hackham convincingly.
Pleasing part about the win was the girl’s ability to stick to our game plans and move the ball as we have been training which allowed us to kick 16 goals
Alana Baker was at her damaging best out of the mid field as was Shay Lee Dayman and great to see Jenna Andrews kicking 3 goals and playing her best game of the season.
Hackham although being a bit of the pace at the moment really do give 100% and work till the very end of each game which is a credit to them.
Round 15 was Mental Health awareness round and the Hackham footy club did a great job promoting this even providing our Flaggie girls a pair of blue socks each prior to the game to assist in the promotion which was a wonderful gesture by the Hackham girls.
We have a bye next week then go straight into a semi final against Reynella to try and get a spot in this year’s Grand Final.
Andrew Brockhurst  
 C Grade
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Flagstaff Hill 16.6-102
Christies Beach 2.5-17
Goal Kickers: A. Baltagie 4, B. Aldridge 3, B. Knuckey 3, K. Abbott 2, T. Esser, B. Cooney, W. Stone, A. Peterson
Best Players: B. Aldridge, A. Baltagie, T. Esser, K. Abbott, J. Bunworth, D. Crisa
 Wade Stone.
U17 Girls

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Happy Valley  4.4.28
Flagstaff Hill 2.6.18
Goal Kickers: E. Scanlan, C. Smailes
Best Players: E. Scanlan, J. Partridge, T. Taylor , A. Butler, M. Anderson, B. Kleinig

Round 15 saw us travel down to Happy Valley in a later afternoon time slot. After coming off a great win last week we knew that nothing short of that was going to be required to get the job done.
The first quarter was an even contest with both teams having their chances in front of goal but unable to convert. In the second we created a number of opportunities but only managed 1.4 to 1.0 meaning we were up by 1 pt at the half. At the break the team was super flat with many not having the game they would like. We were still sitting in a great position though leading and not playing at our best. In the third Happy Valley were efficient with their opportunities and kicked 2 goals to our none. The game was still very much up for grabs in the last but after they kicked the first it was always going to be difficult to chance down the deficit. Unfortunately not having the best afternoon we went down 4.4 28 to 2.6 18. With the difference being they took their chances and we didn’t. Ebony Scanlan was outstanding all game up forward and through the midfield. Jasmin Partridge was again superb across half back and Tia Taylor played an excellent game stopping their best player. We now face Christies Beach in the final round with an opportunity to redeem ourselves before we face them again in the first final.
See you at the footy

Luke Beenham

U16 Boys 
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Flagstaff Hill 10.0-60
Athelstone 0.0
Goal Kickers: M. Pearce 2, J. Lees 2, E. Johnson, B. Richman, B. Sisson, J. Costello, J. Bishop
Best Players: J. Costello, J. Keating, C. Trott, E. Johnson, L. Ellis, B. Sisson
We were back home for a game that could cement a finals position if all goes to plan.
Our intensity was on from the beginning and the tone was set for the day.
We had plenty of run around the ground with the opposition struggling to keep up.
Unfortunately in football things don’t always go to plan and the opposition decided they had had enough just after Half Time and conceded the game.
Not what anyone wants but we move on and look forward to our third game against GAZA this season this Sunday at home.
See you at the footy.
Cheers, Bunga,
U14 girls 
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Aldinga 5.5-35
Flagstaff Hill 1.2-8
Goal Kickers: T. Siekman
Best Players: G. Roberts, Z. Hodgson, S. Clutterbuck, S. Aldridge, A. Sorella, S. Vowles
This week  we headed south to play a 2nd placed Aldinga. Although there was a bit of distance on the ladder, both teams came to play hard.
The girls fought valiantly throughout the game, the defence worked tirelessly and gave good rebound, but Aldinga kept coming and had scored 3 goals to nothing at half time.  The 3rd quarter was when we finally posted our first goal, Teagan snuck one home for us and the girls were up and about.  We also kept Aldinga scoreless that quarter.
Unfortunately Aldinga were able to get free a couple of times late in the game and the final score 5.5-35 to 1.2-8 was no reflection of the 4 qtr effort the girls displayed.
Best players for Flaggy; Georgia Roberts worked tirelessly in the middle and even bobbed up in the ruck, Zoe Hodgy was Z-riffic with her tackling but also is starting to get more and more on the offence, Scarlett was amazing at full back, had a great duel and played some of her finest footy. Other terrific contributors were Sienna Aldridge, Abby Sorella and Sophie Vowles.
We showed some of our best defensive tackling and rebound in the season thus far, and with Christies Beach one spot ahead.  If we can duplicate the intensity next week we will go a long way to posting a win in our last game for the year.  Let’s go girls!!!