🏉 FHFC Road Back 🏉

Thanks everyone for being patient and we hope you are all well and as excited as we are.

Our Administrators and Coaches are currently going through the process of reading the SANFL recommendations, implementing the guidelines, undertaking training and working out how the restrictions affect our club.

From Monday the 18th of May we can officially have club mandated 3 groups of 10, training on our oval.

To enable us to trial the above guidelines, for the first week we will hold training for our Senior Men and Women only.

From Monday the 25th of May our timetable will include our Junior Teams (Under 13-Under 17.5 Boys and Girls). We will advise our sub-junior teams of their training times over the next few weeks.

A lot needs to happen before this however including:
– The SFL as a league need to decide if it is financially viable for all clubs to have a shortened restricted season (meeting next week)
– As a club, we need to brief all players (and in the case of Juniors; their parents) before they can attend training. This briefing will include training times, requirements on both parents and players. Your coaches / football directors will be in contact with you about this.
– If you haven’t already, please advise your coach if you are still interested in continuing on in Season 2020 so they can include you in their training groups

We will keep you updated on the Facebook pages and groups during the process and advise you of any changes, decisions etc.

And lastly to assist our club, the league and the SANFL we would recommend that you download the COVIDSafe app which will not only assist SA Health with contact tracing but help us to achieve compliance with our requirements.

Neil Williams.