Congratulations to Deb Osmond.

Deb received this award from the SFL to acknowledge the enormous amount of time, energy and support she provides our Club in her capacity as a volunteer. 

Deb Osmond officially is the Football Club’s Chairperson and Women’s Footy Director.  She is also an active member of the Ladies Day,  Family Fun Day, Auction and Social sub-committees. And that is just this year. But her unofficial tasks and ad-hoc jobs are too many to mention, like the premiership polos, the banners, the GF Eve pasta nights, finals days, garnering volunteers, official lolly supplier, half time lunch lady, organising the senior player meals and cleaning up the kitchen on a Saturday night and jumping in everywhere where it is required. As well as answering a million questions, making sure we all get the information we need and just lending an ear.  And she does this without any desire for thanks or recognition.

Deb, on behalf of every member of the football club – from players, coaches, trainers, sponsors, committee members and supporters, Thank you.  The number of hours you have given and support you offer to this football club not only this year but in the years before it is amazing and I am so pleased that those efforts have been acknowledged not just by us but now by the SFL as well.