The Flagstaff Hill Football Club, Senior Players and Officials stand together against racism.

The Flagstaff Hill Football Club is devastated by the report of alleged racist comments made by supporters during the recent A-Grade game against Port Noarlunga. The Flagstaff Hill Football Club will be fully assisting the Southern Football League with the investigation. Once the investigation is complete the Flagstaff Hill Football Club will be immediately actioning all recommendations as passed down by the Southern Football League and will ensure that all future actions demonstrate that we will not condone racism at our games or in our football community.

As president of the FHFC, Neil Williams is committed to leading the club into a new and improved era of acceptance and inclusivity and embracing the diversity within our club and competition. Australia’s shared identity that recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and rights are something that we aspire to strengthen at FHFC and to ensure is embraced by supporters, members and players.

Moving forward, the FHFC will take further steps to celebrate diversity and stand up together in unity to amplify the message that racism and prejudice does not belong in Aussie Rules Football or anywhere in Australia.

FHFC looks forward to listening to the community on how we can do better and implement those changes to build a safer, more inclusive environment.

Thank you for everyone’s ongoing support, patience and understanding during this time of change within the FHFC.